[STEEM PAY(ment)] Button Design Concept and Design Process - Part 1

in ui •  2 years ago


Today i want to publish first design iterations i was working over the last night
First rough concept on a "soon" hopefully widely used STEEM pay

Based on my yesterday published first rough sketches, i'll try now to give you a feeling on how i was proceeding with the first ideas.

First Idea Original Comment here


Steempay(ments) Design Concept

Steempay button design concept

Inspired by steempayment // @steve-walschot

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Hey, sry just noticed this file has about 7mb size - will try to add a size reduced one later today :/ sry for that


Hey cass, are you in Amsterdam, or better, is your shop open tomorrow?
Because tomorrow is big 4th of August Steemit meetup and maybe we need a few burritos


hey yea - both should be open - when exactly you've planned the meeting? Just curios.. well, we are not able to accept cryptocurrencies at the store, just said, but will add an option soon - stay tuned


We will meet at 13:00 at the piano and then go to Siberie and then pushing flyers. See my latest blog entry for details.
I you want, come around a bit :-)

Hey @cass, that's awesome man, good choice of colors, the logo is perfect is not too big or small, but I think the rounded bottons should be without border because they are too small and the border is to bolt, and in the image numb 4 if you make the logo with the same dimensions with the botton it will be better separated like this logo │botton, and you can use a shadow to make it better.

And thank you for up-voting my comment on @steve-walschot post and apply my ideas : the round corner.

HI @cass,

I hope your well! Yes I definitely think your art work is incredible man. Very valuable to the community!

Just like like in your last post, I really like the the Reduce version. Sticking with reduce I really like the rounded version. I think those in general are your winners :)

I also love the button that says “ pay with steem “.

Like always good work!

Good morning @cass

I use your wallpapers in my laptop and they look amazing.

You design ideas are very refined and it looks like you have great taste. I also like the fact that you are giving continuity to your designs. Its not just a new design everything time!

I like the square buttons, I want one for my site!

Have a great day!

You never sleep do you...lol Always working hard! They look great!

It looks cool.
I created new design for steemit, if you want you can see:

Sleek and minimal, very pleasing to the eye. You have a knack for this @cass!

These look really polished. Very nice

The future is here!

Buttons look great, I like them.

Great job @cass!!!
Where I can download the button?

Please see if a system like this idea for Decentralized Steemit Marketplace would benefit from your hard work creating a payment button. The easier it is to do everything in one account, the better for all of steemit and those with a lot vested here

OMG @cass, that's awesome work, You never fails to amaze me!

I like it @cass, what font are you using for this?

Looking good, I like the round ones & the ones directly below it that you refined.

World class work as usual @cass!

CLean as f*ck. Great work!

Nice work these look really clean. Can't wait to see these all over the internet :).


gave ya a 1 cent upvote :)


and I returned the favor.

Mr. Cass has done it again!!!!!
Great piece of work, they look gorgeous!

I also have the impression that you are never sleeping!

Bad as it is for the community: take some days of, get some rest at the sea!