UgOs Token for upvotes

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Using the extension Keychain you can send tokens

The token will get you upvotes from @ugos

Send UgOs Token to @ugos and include the url post you post in the memo to get an upvote as per below

100 UgOs Tokens are worth 100% of my upvotes
50 UgOs Tokens are worth 50% of my upvotes
25 UgOs Tokens are worth 25% of my upvotes

You can buy the token in the Market below using keychain

Thank you for the support :)

My Trail

UgOs Token has been launched

5 million supply
4 million locked
1 million issued to my wallet

Giving away XXX UgOs tokens to each user who follow me and comment below.

Update: THE TOKEN AIRDROP IS OVER. Please use the token wisely.

Thank you to all for participating. I will keep you all posted on what comes next for the UgOs Token. Kindly do not forget, the coin is traded on

The unity of the community.


Sounds good 👍

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Thank you for using @sleepagent bid bot serves.
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Good news , but where could I get UgOs tokens, friend? Are there applications for producing UgOs tokens?

You can buy them from the market

I sent you 100 UgOs Tokens.

Download the extension keychain to send me the UgOs token and then i can upvote you

Thanks for reading!

Love the tokenise economy in STEEM

A token for you!

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目前你总共有: 1枚SHOP币

查看或者交易 SHOP币 请到

Thank you very much

Sounds great!

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Followed.Sent coins PLS!

Followed and commented.
Can I get some ugos? Thanks

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Followed you. Thank you.

Followed you. Thank you

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Followed and commented,can i get some UGOS?
Thank you!



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Followed you. Thank you!Do I need to download to get ugos?

Thanks for the 100 UGOS.
Followed you!

Followed. Thank you!


excuse me!I did not receive the 100 UgOs.

I will send 100 UgOs shortly.

thank you!


cool token.

Followed u! Hope to see new updates on coin!


Followed you. Thank you!

Followed you. Thank you.

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followed. Thank you

what a cool idea @ugos . I knew about the token but I love how your getting us interested in using them. I'm going to follow the steps above and try out keychain.



Just followed thank you💖

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thank you a lot. Good day!

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Followed you. Thanks 💎

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Fun! I like how your drumming up business for your token @ugos

I am following you.thanks

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followed, and upvoted, thank you for the token, good job.

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Followed you.thanks😊

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Well done! Hope I am not too late!

Will wait and see how your token goes!

Amazing production @ugos. it is very amazing post promotion service . it will be fun to get your upvote through these tokens by sending you.

Followed you. Thank you

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Awesome initiative.... I wish I could get some ugo tokens. Let's get this underway!

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Great where to get UGOS token?

100 UgOs sent! On steem engine market.

Wow that's a great idea to play with the new steem-engine playform :)

thanks 🔥

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Am I still in time for UgOs airdrop?

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wow! Every people distribute their own token nowadays!

Nice! Great use case.

Thanks for the 100 UGOS. I've bought more in the market. There were some cheap orders. :-)

I just noticed in the trading history :) Awesome!

Stop into Tokentown a place to discuss tokens!

100 UgOs sent! Thank you for the kind words.

I have followed you friend.

Followed you. Thanks so much

I didn't receive the UgOs.

Followed and upvote.

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Great! Followed you!

Great! Followed you!

Great! Followed you!

Nice! Followed and upvote!

Nice! Followed you!

Nice! Followed you!

Nice! Followed and upvote!

Greetings. Followed and reesteem, I am @osamabinladen , the video game character, excellent token.

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Followed and upvote.Thank you!

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Great! Followed and upvote!

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Great! Followed and upvote!

Great news! Thank you for this!