Love Him or Hate Him... Colby Covington is a problem in the Welterweight Division

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His trash talk is crude. His politics are polarizing. His persona is cringeworthy. However, there is no denying that Colby Covington is one of the elite fighters in the UFC welterweight division.

If his opponents find his antics out of the Octagon frustrating, that must pale to how they must feel when they square off to fight the man they call 'Chaos'.

Covington is a relentless pressure fighter and on Saturday afternoon he was all over former UFC Robbie Lawler. In truth, as much as it pains to say it, Colby turned 'Ruthless' Robbie toothless.

Yet despite his masterclass, it is hard to root him. Covington revels in playing the archetypal 'heel'. Every word that comes out of his mouth when he is in front of a camera is designed to provoke a reaction.

He fights this way also.

Covington isn't looking to knock out his opponent. He looks to overwhelm and make his foe exhaust themselves.

If fighting was a video game; Covington's aim is to reduce your gauge to zero. Halfway through their contest, Covington had reduced Lawler to a shadow of himself. So much so that Covington was able to outstrike Lawler on the feet.

After Saturday's display, it is hard to deny Covington a title shot against Champion Kamaru Usman.

It will be a juicy fight. In many ways, they are a mirror image of each other. Pressure fighters that like to impose their wrestling and their will on their opponents.

You may know who you'd want to win a Usman- Covington clash. However, you'd be a brave man to call it.

The UFC welterweight division has never been so intriguing.

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Hi Nanzo
Interesting post. This guy sounds like he has the talent to be long lasting champion and bring more excitement and controversy to his sport. Both are good for increasing engagement, attention and support for the sport.

I know Kamaru Usman, that guy is a walking tornadoe, now how about if we see the tornadoe face the 'guile', Covington? Because exhausting your opponent? That's guile. It'll be a UFC match of the year in my opinion, like you said not the best when it comes to the talks but he's definitely got style and he plays by his books and that's definitely something to behold really. Wonderful fighter by all means. He deserves that shot at the champion, let's see if it'll it'll happen soonest.

I had Woodley beating Covington easily, and I think Usman will do it. However he is really letting Colby get to him, so it could well be his downfall....

We shall see!


I actually think welterweight is in need of some new blood and whenever i hear about Colby i tend to switch off tbh...

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Few year back i had a dream to be an ufc fighter but as i went and watched the reality my mom never allowed me to be one, but still i really enjoy watching these matches and definitely love the updates which you give sir.

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Enjoying your posts. You clearly are actually putting thought and effort into your posts, and I wish that wasn't a rare thing. Gonna have to go back and watch this fight now.

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Congratulations @nanzo-scoop!
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