UDCfFPPEEaL: More Info + Winner of the Logo Contest

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For the longest time, I refused to join Discord servers around Steem.
It was not only confusing to use two different apps, but I felt it was also splitting up the community - After all, Discordia is not a positive word and I think a poor choice for a chat.

After steemit.chat proved to be too unreliable, I have now almost abandoned it.
Now, I am mainly active in the DACH community, but that is for German language only.

After scouting the other communities around Steem, I have collected a few points that I would like to pick and integrate into my new project.

It starts with the name:

United Decentralized Community for Freedom Peace Prosperity Education Environment and Liberty

I tried to be as inclusive as possible.

I have already set up the server.
I will start integrating services successively (🔜).

  • Provide STEEM Power and Voting Power to reward community activity ✅

I have powered my main account down and will soon create and power up a separate bot account, which will only ever vote for registered users of UDCfFPPEEaL.

  • Create tools to automatically reward attention and retention. (gamification) 🔜.

Instead of offering a free vote every 24 hours to all registered users (which has proven to populate a server quickly), I will try to reward circle jerking over community posts even more blatantly;

In a nutshell

The more active you are on the United Decentralized Community for Freedom Peace Prosperity Education Environment and Liberty Server, the more likely the community bot will vote you.

I am designing a level based scoring system.
Users can collect points for registration, general activity, keeping their votes inside the community, delegating STEEM Power to our bots, promotion of the community.
As users gain points and level up, they will be rewarded in votes and privileges, such as voting rights on some of the bot votes and chatroom authorizations.

Moral Issues

Even though it may seem like a pretty bold approach, this strategy has proven to be ridiculously successful in creating communities around Steem and promoting witness campaigns.
I am trying to ultimately separate quality of content and rewards by means of automation and gamification and call it a community.

In the Steem whitepaper, the design of the reward system is described differently.

I am at this point simply trying to learn from the top 20 witnesses and refine what appears to be the most efficient approach.

I will try to keep this account (@felixxx) separate from my activities in UDCfFPPEEaL as best as I can. I still believe that the Steem protocol should incentivize quality content and curation more, by going back to 'non-linear' rewards.

Until then, I will work on my coding skills and build and operate Discord tools.
I will still use this account to manually curate only, like I have done for the past 19 months.

It is time to try something new now.


I have a logo from the contest.

Congratulations @steemotion !

*** To be done ***

The next step will be an account verification tool, to connect Discord to Steem handles.
Then, I will fire up the first bot, which will randomly vote for registered users.

The first person to verify will get the highest score as the score for joining the community will drop with every new sign up.

I will announce the verification in the next days.

This is your chance 🎟️ !

The server is in its very early stages, but I have already put aside 4000 STEEM to power up the bots and it could pay of to be early ;)

Hope to see you there !

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This was one of the first sessions to find a name:


Das ist ein ganz heißes Eisen !

Great idea!

Ach, @felixxx. Hat dein ewiger Protest gegen lineare Rewards, Circle-Jerking, Selfies, Bots und alle anderen Schattenseiten von Steemit jetzt schon so Ausmaße angenommen, dass du eigens einen Parodie-Discord erstellst? :D Ich verstehe ja noch nicht ganz den Sinn dahinter, aber andererseits ist in Satire verpackte Kritik auch gut und wichtig.

Und die Leute in den Kommentaren unter mir fallen auch echt drauf rein und schleimen noch mal bisschen mit "Great idea!" und "OMG, your content is so great". Irgendwie weiß ich nicht so ganz, was ich von dem allen hier noch halten soll...


Schau doch einfach mal auf dem Server vorbei :)


Ja, hab ich. Aber das hat mich irgendwie noch mehr verwirrt :D


Bis du es besser verstehst, habe ich vorläufig schonmal den Kommentar belohnt :)


Ich glaube, wenn du sowas wie "It's just a prank bro" sagen würdest, würde ich es besser verstehen! :D


Ich wünschte, jemand würde das tun, aber es scheint sich ums echte Leben zu handeln.


Hmm ja, da muss ich dir leider recht geben.

Minimal seems to do it huh. I dig the logo. Excited to see if this group is the right one for me, who knows. Must be a reason I haven't joined one yet either.


I will offer more logo contests in the future, as I would like to include a rainbow, kittens and some sparkles.

This is the right time to join ;) !

@felixxx you are becoming your own adsactly, is there a room for two on steemit?:) unlike those scammers I would gladly join your cause.


You are more than welcome to join.
I will try to borrow the level and xp system from diablo2.

Thanks for the prize, and good luck!

Where can I sign?

lol... this is going to be epic! Can't wait to get involved.

congrats to the winner, thanks for the announcement @felixxx

Well lets hope for a better
Future @felixxx
Iwish you success and i am sure to join this community too

Hey @felixx, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers :)


Buenos dias @felixxx excelente contenido. Un abrazo!