UBER - Good for RIDERS - GREAT for UBER - Bad for the driver...

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I recently signed up to driver for UBER. Mostly out of curiosity and who couldn't use a little extra money?

I drove my BMW X3 for two nights with UBER. I started each night by filling the car with gas. At the end of each night I refilled. I took my earnings and subtracted my fuel cost.

Here is my UBER experience - nothing UBER(or good) about it:

The first night I earned a total of $32 for three hours of driving. The gas cost me $20 leaving me with $12 for my time and wear and tear on the car.

The second night I drove for four hours. I made $36 and my fuel cost was $32. I netted $4 dollars for four hours of work! Honestly considering the miles put on my car - it produced a negative income.

The riders I had were all great people. Enjoyed that part of the experiment.

After the second night, it was clear that UBER was NOT FOR ME. Riders get really good rates compared to cab fares. UBER makes around 25-30% of your fares and does little to nothing for it. UBER WINS.

Just wanted to share my experience with those out there considering driving for UBER. I literally wouldn't waste my time.


Uber is making money out of their drivers through commissions. In Nigeria, they charge 25% of your fare. to me, its not fair.

But REDCAB is a new solution, better than Uber.
Redcab charges NO commission.!! Yes, you heard right. ZERO Commission.
With Redcab, you receive 100% of what customer pays. I wrote about Redcab few minutes ago.
Follow me and read about Redcab. Their app is on google playstore

@judedon - Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I agree - UBER is not being fair with it's drivers in my opinion. I will take a look at REDCAB. How are they making any $$$ to support the service?

Another article on UBER by Techcrunch:


I was way more kind to UBER than they were! The information backs up my own findings.

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