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HardFork UA: Open Letter to @Ned & Steemit Inc

in ua •  5 months ago

I’ll read a proposal but would rather read the code. I can really appreciate HF proposals if they include mock code and implementation framework. Anyway please share the link to UA concept.

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Hi @ned thanks for responding.

  1. read all follower transactions, chronologically, from the blockchain
  2. store follower transactions in a temp MongoDB collection: followDB
  3. update followDB per blockchain block
  4. include last block id
  5. approximate all user UA via multi-iterational substitution, begin with 1 per account, store in temp MongoDB collection: uaDB
  6. equilibrium state is reached when abs[(it(n) - it(n-1)] < x % (confidence interval to be decided, can be very high)
  7. store, as binary, the equilibrium per user as [uid: ua] : ua.db (binary file)
  8. hash-encrypt ua.db , store hash in latest blockchain block for consensus
  9. witnesses read ua.db per user (let's say 8 bytes per user: UA(user 100,000) is found at byte 800,000

Regarding no. 5: with the 1 I meant the initial absolute UA/weight approximation per account at iteration 0. The sum of all UA is either equal to the total number of accounts, or 1 (when all UA is divided by that same number of accounts).