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that's me ..

time to get back one ole'spicey


The man you'll learn to love if you ever the play the game ... as long as you don't forget he's a stranded pirate who used to scourge the twelven seas , but always ready for a laugh ... bit weathered over the years but how could you not be if you live on a barren waste ... bit of a loner ... but basically your only place that's safe for sure ... if you don't get on his bad side, as i keep wanting everything, i also want faction-per-npc + zone + citizens + more separate (which can combine) - lofty stuff like my "ecosystems" per zone i need to figure out somehow


for some reason the blender file that i have where i (literally) sewed the clothes on the corpus has somehow de-tached the skeleton rig from the mesh ... (= sigh) so before trying to render a supreme 64px sprite for use on the map i will have to somehow .. but MBlab has quite the meshes (as you can see here ...) it's not Poser but for a free program, i always stand amazed ... linux, gimp, blender, LMMS even


i'm gonna have to fix it up or else just re-build him lol - can't have ye scurvey pirate running around naked, can we ?


there you go, another 5 cents in my pockets ... :)

i wonder what the hell "good content" is ... (sneer? mmmmmmaybe a little)

mmh ?

no, i think that's a habit i picked up from having "jobs" ... sometime in a distant universe at the edge of the galaxy, you know ... the way they try to motivate you into doing more in less time for the same money ?

"you could maybe do a little better ...."

i <3 steemchain, that part should be clear ... , but i don't think the sarcasm will ever go away again, it became part of my system, as some kind of auto-defense reflex

You are a deviant from the social norm !
"Is that an insult or a diagnosis?"
Roger Zelazny, Creatures of light and Darkness

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