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The less a writer discusses his work—and himself—the better. The master chef slaughters no chickens in the dining room; the doctor writes prescriptions in Latin; the magician hides his hinges, mirrors, and trapdoors with the utmost care.(Jack Vance)

Goldman Morgan,
the vaultkeeper of Tyrnannoght

  • the collector returns
  • Goldman Morgan takes a cut
  • Goldman Morgan credits to accounts
  • Number of client accounts active : 129
  • Number of npc accounts active : 8
  • Number of zone accounts active : 9

I am at this time today, very much considering to reduce the frequency or morgan posts or halt them all together for a while as most of that part of the programming is as good as done. It's a hostile environment after all and without an actual game to boot so far all it takes is ONE to clam the account shut. Balances remain, specials remain, everything remains it would just be out of reach of downvote cartels and content paladins for the time being.
emphasis on considering ... reduce rudyardcatling to one witnestracker post a week and continue with @tyrnannoght at 1 post a week
emphasis on considering , until any of this thing takes shape and shows direction i dont really feel like putting much time into actual STEEMIT itself :) Some would definitely take it the wrong way if i say it that way because there's this strange notion in the air that everyone here should be willing to 'take on for the team' ... (what team?) in the de-centralized tribe which is contradictory by itself. I didnt come here to take one for the team and so far it cost me nothing but money and i really cant get down with the current vibe ... but the wallet is VERY convenient like that, and the up to 1B upvote for playcoin, just as well ...
We shall see ... shall we not ? Maybe its just high time for something else (not im gonna quit tinkering on the game) until the biggest vampires with the most at stake show it for themselves, or whatever, its taking too much of my braintime ... and it gets me virtually nothing in return but condenser :)
The voters will keep voting as they have, the delegations will go where i get the most in return, being magnanimous is something for people with six figures and im not a rich boy ... however that looks like, i dont really care, not anymore ... time's up ... maybe after the next HF? im not gonna withdraw because theres simply not enough dollar value left to do anything else with it, be merry and make happy and rejoice
No hard feelings, i know how the world works, and i know people (maybe a bit more than most would like to think they do). In my fields of interest the only one to blame for my own blind spot is me ...
emphasis on considering with a high probability of yes (the cron and api on the site will still be running and ill probably tinker more on the websites too since they're free accounts , as for the rest ? i dont know ... i'll have to SEE some thing ...)

yea yea, i dont need to explain or justify myself, i just need to slap me for not seeing that for a while all i have been doing is complaining here, i dont even enjoy the programming anymore so at a rate of ZERO dollar + no fun i should actually hit me in the face with a full fist for that
with a smile, ofcourse :))) always (you would if you ever met me ... know that ...)... it's making me sour ... and life has been of sweet for quite a while as is, is no good like that. Just me and my last remaining cat and a lot of dreams that got fucked, any second with him is worth more than all of Buffetts billions
anyway ... before i trip down philosophers lane again and end up at hate, inevitably
we shall see

we HAVE seen ... i was convinced on the
Make Steem a better place by downvoting content based on your favourite downvoters! part today ... its a shame we are not all clones with the same vision and ill gladly stand corrected when its worth something, SO ... im still gonna do the game with no e.t.a. i will be pretty much absent xept for a few weekly posts here until then, if no one likes me thats fine, i didnt you like you anyway either :) any vote cast on intermediary posts @goldmanmorgan or @tyrnannoght will be credited to the internal wallets in the mean time.
Enjoy your content-fascism and make sure to reward your friends with numbers ! No, really, and what i just said about this place making me sour ... and truly : if you want a 'good' place and a democratic simulation you dont go to the voting booth with the weight of your wallet ... i can't stand that hippiecrite marketing shit for one second more so its for the best i hold my silence youre a fucking pack of marketeering wanker scum, as someone once said "you are not the man for the job" to me, its right, you need someone more gullible ... (see ? the exact reason why i need to step back : nothing but complaints makes not for happy cat)(censored by my virtual marketing gf)

  • Goldman Morgan has paid off 35.40% of loans
  • client/player/sponsor/npc/zone accounts are 102.66% secured

- there is room for 0 special deals - authorized commenters yesterday : 1 - valid comments yesterday :0 - last version of text excluding media was at 17.200% of max size for steemchain

Dig down to bedrock
Pry open the hardened fist
Beware of gold's grip

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