Two For Tuesday - "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" - Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty

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Wow! Another edition of #twofortuesday and I can't be more excited because it features one of my all time favorite singers....Tom Petty. I chose this song because I was listening to Spotify and it came on and I thought that it would make for a great song for today. I hope that you all will agree as well. So, let's sit back, go back in time and watch the video and dicuss it a little.

To me, this song is about a woman who has had enough of relationships but can't bring herself to let go of the one she is in for some reason or another. Maybe sentiment? This song was also a really big chart-topper for Stevie Nicks and while she collaborated with other musicians outside of Fleetwood Mac, this is probably one of my favorite collaborations she has done.

What are your thoughts?

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Did you see the Jimmy Fallon skit where they recreated this duet? It was pretty awesome. This is a great song. I also like Leather and Lace with Don Henley. That part where Henley comes in "you in the moonlight" it gets me every time.

I was actually going to showcase Leather and Lace but couldn't find an official video! That is too funny! And yes! I've seen the Jimmy Fallon skit. It's amazing how music can bring people together! I just love it!

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