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Child, your birthday is approaching..

-Said this man sitting in that reclining chair hugging his beloved 9-year-old daughter.

Yes daddy! I want many things! I want a pony, a unicorn and many dolls! Can you, can you?

-The girl asked enthusiastic with nothing but hope and emotion in all her face.

No, daughter you can not have a pony or a unicorn, go out with your friends or something, look at this house, you can do what you want, you do not even have to leave, you can play with Spyke.

-His mother replied referring to the great Golden Retriever he had asked for 1 year ago. Then the little girl frowned and her father answered.

Some of the things that your mother said are true, you already have enough of what you normally ask, you can not have a pony, less a unicorn, they are very difficult to find silly.

-He answered, smiling a little nervous that he did not want to disappoint her.

Daddy, but I saw a little man with a unicorn, that's why I wanted him daddy, he was on the road that leads to the waterfall, the unicorn was beautiful, it was white and had a big horn between his eyebrows.

-Your mother responded to this by immediately charging him and taking her to the room

You have a great imagination. Desires, not because you want something means that it exists, right? Tell me in detail what happened that day.

- His father, Mark Ruderiç Zachet. Worried, after coming from Russia at the moment they were in the US he went to listen at the door because maybe that was not imagination, after all that house had been bought in a forest that is in the southeast of Massachusetts, famous for its paranormal phenomena, UFO sightings and practices related to Satanism. But he clearly did not believe in this.

Well ... He appeared suddenly while I was at the riverbank, I was on the other side, and ... I was playing alone and he was calling me and stroking the unicorn's hair, he was so cute .. I wanted to touch him mom, I want a unicorn . I also thought that they did not exist.

-Said his daughter with a tearful voice, this one was called Katren Deseos Zachet Levai. A small 10-year-old girl who had lived her life always traveling, surrounded by a lot of money but not friends, being pampered and getting what she wants, maybe this time she wanted something she really could not have.

-Your mother answered; Katren.. sighed

I do not think that happens, it's just ... Strange .. I do not know, I'll tell your parents that their friends check the area well. His mother was a realistic and centered mother, he did not want his daughter to be a spoiled rich girl, but he believed that Mark did not help much in that.

-Mark upon hearing this he left the house for a moment and called the guards of his corporation, he owned a corporation in charge of psychiatry that had offices all over Europe, now, they came with the United States and they already had three, this house and This forest had a meaning, it was close to the three in a certain way. Let's say that one hour of travel was nothing for someone who used to travel from one continent to another on business, so Mark with 5 guards were cleaning the area, Mark wanted to review the area a bit more, after all, he had to be safe.

-All had dispersed and his daughter and wife had gone out, after all it was not very healthy to live in the middle of a forest surrounded by nothing else but trees, but this reassured Mark. And even more had to review the area because nobody knew how, but had escaped a week ago a person in the insane asylum, this seemed to have an uncontrollable rage was a cannibal, so much that killed anyone who approached, from one moment to another , like a clever fox, he left without leaving traces of how he escaped.

1? Testing security system SmurCorp protocol, change.

-Said the one who was in the east trying the walkie talkies and his radio signal, after all he never knew what could happen, the forest was cursed. That's what they said.

2 and 3, Affirmative to the command, I am in the north. Change

-They said those soldiers, who did not look like security guards, dressed as SWAT, no. Clearing the area of ​​what could be along with Mark, however, this was not with any kind of security.

4 and 5, do you hear me? I await your response, change.
He asked 1.
It took a few minutes to then affirm, yes, yes for the West, very strange things are happening but today we return home, to yes, the crazy people are more difficult than a forest without anything, change.
Haha, of course, change.

-Responded 1.

We reached the clearing, here is the river, my daughter said she saw it here, on the other side. It's always weird to be seeing that kind of thing.

He said to watch something go by the corner of his eye.
But what? THERE. 1. On the right. Call 2 and 3.

-Mark says scared
2 and 3 to the east now, change.

-They spent 5 minutes answering in a agitated voice.
We're running, change.
What happened?

-They asked when they arrived.

Look at that .. Stop it, at the top, is it .. Someone right?

-1 and 2 respond with a little fear.

No, it can not be. Let me see. It would be very small even if we see it in the distance and it looks smaller, this would be something small, strange.
Mark .. Why do you want what I have? A voice in his mind spoke to him.
I want my daughter to be happy.

-Responded Mark

How? The spoiled girl who asks you one thing this year and then another year? She is a girl who is raising her very badly .. Mark .. Katren .. Do you know where she is?
It is with my wife.

-Responde Mark without being carried away by his impulses and calm, after all .. Who would play with a director of a professional psychiatric, he thought.


That voice answered in his mind.

Call 4 and 5, shoot him up there, he's talking to me.

**-1 looked at him strangely and called 4 and 5, they spent 10 minutes and without answering they were arriving.

  • After this, they fell to the ground and when they got up they started firing at each other, the bullets ripped their mules, their feet, none of the shots were mortal, they were only to make others suffer. He called on the radio and nothing was heard, only static first .. Then a laugh filled the forest, followed by a huge weeping, a cry that seemed to come from the river. Mark was shot in the mules, thus being invalid, after this one in each finger of the foot by part of 1, after this 1 pointed his m16 directly at his mouth and then shoot and be left without more. Then that patient appeared, Kent Bayron, a cannibal. Eating their bodies slowly, listening to the cries of their friends, listening to the sobs of those who continued to eat, eating their livers, their leg, their tendons and using their blood so that the skin was easier and more delicious to bite.
    Why my daughter .. Can not have a unicorn?** -Mark asks looking towards the mountain where that strange figure was
    He'll get it. He answered with a laugh. But that will be the last thing he will have.
    These were the last words he heard, then he just screamed, feeling the bites in every muscle of his body from that patient of his own corporation, his mouth full of blood and his stomach full, he could not ask for more.
    The next day, his mother became ill, so he could not take over the corporation and the psychiatrists, the next day, without signs of his father, his beautiful little girl turned years, there was a unicorn in which he he mounted and caressed a lot, smiling, his mother could not see him, because now she was dead, now he had no home, now it was that little person who would be in the unicorn until another came, listening to the cries of a thief killed centuries ago, and listening to the laughter of a demon that gave you what you wanted .. But at what cost.

I hope you like my story, entry to the contest of 24 hours of mctiller, which ironically is 48 or a little more, but good! We will see, thank you very much for reading, do not forget the upvote if you liked it. :D

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Any orthographical error may be due to the fact that I usually translate my stories for the translator because I am originally a Latin, so, if there is an error, it is most likely because of the translator I am sorry!

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I saw it coming, but did he learn anything?

Learning or not something would be to continue the story and finish it there seemed right, being already in the unicorn basically are not something of this world, they become demons which are simply just to attract people, are bait dressed in human. His parents died and he knows it, but he has a unicorn and he does not care anymore. hahax

sendoe betoben

La verdura :v