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It all started that day, at a picnic, 10 years ago, our families were very close ... So, I met Samantha, my best friend, and the person I missed the most during these 5 years, left after she left the state For reasons of his father's work, we were in college again at the age of 19, Samantha was very large.

-Say Matthew in his speech for his best friend, this was a task for literature

Samantha was .. That friend who was always there. He said smiling.

I always wanted to be by her side, but destiny separated us, but it was only a matter of time before we met again, she had changed a little, her tastes, before her favorite food and her favorite time was eating bacon, now, it was vegan , radical change, maybe maturity, she was funny, she was very good. And it still is.

-He finishes his speech, sits down at his post and waits for the others to finish.
Matthew Green, 95 out of 100.
-Says Miss Hamilton.
Thank you very much!

He answered and left his class, hugging Samantha to find him

What happens Matti?

Samantha asked surprised but hugging him in the same way.

The only thing that happens is that I missed you very much Sam. Speaking of which, do you want to go to a picnic? It will be with some friends and I would like to go, I would be bored without you.

Matthew asked, then smiled at him and walked away, giving him space and waiting for his answer.

Well, Matt .. You know I'm sociable, everyone, they make fun of me about my situation and ... Why are you with me, Matt? Is it because of the past? Why? Admit it, I'm bored and I'm not even popular.

Samantha asked somewhat depressed, she had felt bad lately.

Hey, I'm with you for who you are, not for the past, you were my best friend and you always will be, I'm not the kind of person who has 3 or 4 best friends, I just value people and give them the position they deserve in my life, and that's it. Besides comparing yourself with popular ones or preferring them is like wanting plastic when you have gold. Also, you have to go, like that, the day we met.

-Samantha after this sighed to say.

It's okay, I'll go with you, when is it?

-Samantha asked after having listened to the answer and making that decision no matter how difficult it was

Well, it's two hours, go to your bedroom, I'll go looking for you later to go together in my car.

-Samantha went to her bedroom, took a shower and leaned back in her bed for a moment while she looked at her partner eating bacon and turned her eyes to dress then ignoring the smell.


Asked Annie, her roommate.

What do you want?

Samantha asked as she put on a white dress and black slippers.

Do you want some?

-Begin to move the bacon through the bedroom amplifying that smell.

Look.. Samantha. Annie I do not have time for this, believe me, I must go.
Do not you really want to?

-Annie approaches and being close to his face Matthew knocks on the door.

Sam?! Sam?! It's time!

Matthew exclaimed, then opened the door and Annie immediately walked away.

Hello .. Matthew..

-Annie said insinuatingly.

Yes, Hi Annie, we must leave or we'll be late Samantha.

She said to take him by the hand and then take him to the car, Samantha seemed gone, it seemed that she simply did not think about anything.

Hey? No, nothing, I just thought something very deep, do you know why I became a vegan?

Samantha asked looking lost at the window.

No, not at all, you never told me, but I guess it's because it comes from animals, right? You are against the fact that those lives are a product, I suppose.

-Matthew answered driving and looking forward with his seatbelt on.

Well, I usually have hallucinations when eating meat, I think I can not eat it, I do not know .. It hurts me to say it, but to tell the truth, I looked at all people as hamburgers, hot dogs, that style. And I lose myself in it, and you do not want to know what happens next, because of that kind of things I had to move, it was never for any work, just .. The neighbors were tired of me, they all hated us ... All but your parents, or that's what my mom told me, that's why I remember you, she showed me many pictures and, I supposed, remember it.

-Matthew driving simply stays silent for a moment.

I'm sorry, Matt..

-Answer back Samantha after having been totally sincere.

No, it's okay, I should have known, you're sincere, thank you very much. We're here

-Said Matthew after having walked about three kilometers inside the forest, there was a cabin and a lake, there was a grill, 6:51 pm and they were just taking out the drinks, they were all in a circle telling secrets, but Samantha did not It fit very well there, there were 5 boys and 2 girls telling him.

Hey, Samantha, a question. Can a vegan person eat only dairy and vegetables?

-Asked Erick Bross. A friend of Matt, typical popular.

Yes, except for dairy products you can only eat vegetables because the fact of a product that is of animal origin, Erick, is denied.

-Samantha answered after having drunk some beers, time had passed, it was 7:00 p.m. And everyone had drunk a lot, Samantha was still in the circle and they began to play true or challenge all almost without conscience, Erick challenges Samantha to eat some meat.

-Samantha beside herself responds.

What, I'll eat ... What?

-Ask for Erick to bring him two slugs and Samantha starts eating them.

God .. They are so good..

Samantha says, then throws herself on the floor.

WHOA, That's what it is extreme brother..

-Says Alex Govener, 20, another popular, or would be called better, drug addict.

-Samantha got up blinded by impulses and began to eat all the meat that was almost beside himself, since he had forgotten what it felt to eat meat while Matthew was going to sleep, lay down and simply there he slept, inside the house, a little beyond the door that it had closed.

Hey ... You should not eat that ... The game ended eh.

-Said Erick after seeing how Sam ate the meat, it was 8 o'clock and there were only three left. Erick, Matthew asleep inside the house, Alex who was extremely drugged and Rick, who was drinking quietly looking at the lake.


Samantha asked.

You look very juicy..

Samantha said later.

Well, you've always been the odd girl but if you want to do it there will be no problems.

-Erick says taking advantage of Samantha's situation.

You know I do not love you...

-He said to then throw him to the ground and start biting him hard, so hard that he tears pieces of flesh.
Burgers do not scream ..!

-Exclaimed Samantha exalted and to shut her up.

-Alex lying on the floor looks at Samantha in her red dress and wonders..

The .. The dress was red?

He asks to then see Samantha running towards him, eating his mouth when he gets on top of her.

Oh, then the hot dogs do not scream, but the burgers do.

-Laughs Samantha and then see a hot dog floating in the water.

Yes, we already know who he is. Rick.

-Rick swam and swam after seeing what Samantha had done asking for help, but it was in vain, they were three kilometers from the school and it was all forest, Samantha ran and dived into the water swimming quickly so that her hot dog did not taste bad then, so he took it for his bread and started eating it after taking it out of the water, eventually he ate them, one by one.

Matthew woke up the next day hugging Samantha.

-The police suspect that there were drugs in that house that day however there was no evidence, among other news, it has been a while and for 5 years that Alex, Rick, and Erick, were reported as missing.

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