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This story begins .. My first 14 years.
I'll summarize my story a bit. I do not know sincerely where I was born. I was found in an alley, in a garage, so they say, my birthday is March 30, 1925. I am German, I still speak when the years are years. My first 8 years were good, but I lived in an orphanage .. Everyone knew about me, I had something special ... I could see through the walls and I used to show it off with the other children in the orphanage, and it was a good way to get money to earn a little, it was diviner. They gave me a book, with which they taught me to read, it was a trinket for anyone who saw it, in it appeared types of mantras, the story of the great Buddha, phrases and how to get to enlightenment, things that I did not understand well, day I was born, they disappeared, nobody knew more about them. And I, I only appeared in an alley and there I was picked up by Daniva Dokovan, one of the owners of the orphanage and she decided to raise me there, she taught me to read until she could live, she died of natural causes, an infarction not foreseen. My name is Kori Baan Fuller.


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I took advantage of my specialty until that day, on June 16, 1937, when the Nazi military arrived at the orphanage and took all the children, I hid myself and since I could see through the walls, I saw how everyone was leaving , I saw some of them by force, and how they beat them one by one .. I cried very hard to see how my friends were mistreated one by one, my sobs were heard beyond the wall so they knocked down the door of the room where I was hiding and they took me too, everyone knew about my gift, because sometimes I just could not control it well and it hit the walls, I did not say it because I just did not want them to use my specialty for war, I did not want to see people die because of me , but this got further. Generals wanted to see my power, and they did, I forced myself so much that later I could see through the clothes, but this one did not use to control it or it used to be more than an hour after I meditated. The generals used me for bombings of American troops, deaths of Jews, blacks, people who did not support Nazi Germany, so I was used..


Image of Nazi soldiers

On December 20, 1940. When everyone knew about my specialty, and everyone knew it was real .. They took me to Adolf Hitler. He shook my hand and I was perpetrated by his presence, we shook hands, he laughed, I was nervous. In my hand I had the book I always carried. The book of enlightenment and how to find peace..

He looked at that book and turned the pages. I look for a while and then tell myself: "You know that this is more than a trinket.

I smiled and thought I understood, at the end of all that meeting, I had a moment alone, everyone was busy with the Third Reich. And I ran, without anyone seeing me, I escaped because there I did not expect anything good, someday I would die, someday that kingdom would fall.
I hid in a house that still had its door, of these that were semi-destroyed, but I could still hide there.

Immediately, brigade soldiers began to check all the houses and once again this power was useful, I could see where they came from and so I could run, a brigade soldier looked at me and was perpetrated, let me flee, maybe they are people like me, people who do not want to do it, but should...

I hid in a house for two years ... December 20, 1942.
I meditated all this time, I could never leave, I could never eat .. But now, I am part of a whole, I just do not sit down there, where everyone, but they found me, I woke up, from this long dream where I was somewhere else better, I talked to others, even if they seemed from other times, we all understood each other.

When I woke up, I was beaten, and sent to a concentration camp, I could not open my eyes, but I felt them all, I felt their pulses, I felt their steps and their blood running through the veins.

We arrived by car to that field where my senses were too high, smelled of human waste and everything was misery, everyone looked at me, I felt them and I could feel what they felt, death, sadness, helplessness, and the one below, the hope that one day they might leave.

I was a body in a state, vegetable, I just did not move, but I could feel the war going on, and I knew that an end was coming. On December 22, I told that person, a 14-year-old boy, Darek Turnin, his parents were Israeli but at that moment he was just there, I said in his language, and I'm sure I hear it in his mind, that he just they were all going to get out of there, they just did not lose hope, I was already tired of feeling suicide .. Madness ... Death, I just wanted a bit of hope and happiness in hell.

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Image concentration camp

On March 29, 1945. That day they attacked the US base, it was the same day we were in the concentration camp, that moment where the toxic gases covered us, they were all there, like that child that still on the edge of his death was still hopeful, his mother cried, told him to stay calm while hugging him strong, his heartbeat began to decrease, lost consciousness. Explosions were heard outside, shots, and when everyone started to faint, the carbon dioxide stopped flowing through the chamber and someone opened it, everyone ran out, and those who were unconscious were rescued by the others, that child, Darek Turnin He looked for me, but I ... He was not there anymore. I was now everywhere, as in the hearts of those who still felt hope, on the verge of his death, March 30, 1945, Hitler dies. My best birthday present so far..


Image of people being rescued

Nazi Germany falls on May 8, 1945.
I was there, present in many ways, and the hearts of all the American dead soldiers, those with spilled blood proclaimed good, I support them, and that is how they conquered Nazi Germany.

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I am no longer someone, I am something, I am part of the whole, I always knew it was special and I could never know who my creator was, although maybe I was myself. Now for me .. The days are years, and the millennium years. I'm sorry for not having told my story before, it's just that I had to find the perfect day, and the perfect container, Thanks Martin Tiller.

I hope you've enjoyed my story!

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