Deep Pockets (Twenty-four hour short story contest)


"Unicorn!" Serena was not impressed, "a fucking unicorn?!"

David spoke softly, shuffling his feet, and looking down at the floor.

"It's only one."

"Yes! Only One. Only one UNICORN!" Serena stormed out the front door muttering under her breath.

The family had been HODLing their CryptidCoin for nearly three years now. Temptation almost got the better of them on many occasions, it was only this last year's January sales when Serena had, had to pull him away from a half price Sasquatch sale. And he'd already got caught skimming a bit off the top during the last crypto bull run to buy a Yeti skin coat. His wife had been more amused than angry that time. He really should have looked closer before buying. Although the fur did look a little short in the picture, it would never have occurred to him that the friendly trader would have been so unscrupulous as to stitch together a bunch of weasels.

And now Emily, their only daughter, had figured out what was on the hardware wallet they had hidden in the cleaning cupboard. Serena had thought it the safest place for it, being easily the least used cupboard in the house. But apparently nosey nine-year-olds get everywhere and, after discovering the mysterious USB stick type object, had plugged it in, checked the balance, the market, and had come to the same conclusion most in her situation would. They were getting a unicorn.

David had tried to dissuade her. Pointing out that the exorbitantly priced horse with a horn actually cost a chunk more than the families three long years of savings. But Emily was having none of it. They were getting a unicorn.

And now, three hours later, he was sitting at the kitchen table. His daughter running around in circles, calling her friends, and dancing around the garden singing the unbearable unicorn jingle she’d made up. His wife, well who knew where, but his ears were burning. Wherever she was he didn’t want to know what she was saying about him right now. Either way one was going to end up seriously angry, and he wasn’t sure who scared him most.

After sitting at the table sipping his whiskey and trying not to think about it for a short while his phone lit up. He saw Serena’s name in bold, took a large swig of whiskey and leaned over.

Sorry was so angry earlier, it’s just ur such a dick sometimes. You know how we can pay for it.
But you're going to have to tell her! :P

He managed a smile, rolled his eyes, finished his glass, and slipped on his wellies. He had pushed this option to the back of his mind.

It occurred to him that there was actually no way out of this without angering someone he loved. Sure, he could have said no to the unicorn, if fact where he was heading now he wished he had, but even then he would have had to cope with the wrath of a stroppy, slightly spoiled if he was honest, nine-year-old, and she gave him a headache even when she was in a good mood.

As he approached the bottom of the garden he let out a huge sigh, then paused for a moment. He could go back. Say no. He shouldn’t have been such a pushover in the first place. She was just going to have to learn that you can’t have everything you want. Even if your parents had a secret stash of crypto almost big enough to buy it.

He released another sigh and leant slightly forward as if he had just deflated. Who was he kidding. Time to bite the bullet.

He opened the gate and squeezed through the gap in the hedges and onto a wooden platform overlooking a huge, murky lake.

“Nessie! Nessie!!”

A dark shadow slowly grew bigger and bigger as something rose to the surface. This part always sent shivers down his spine. Both fear and excitement battling inside him as he nervously fidgeted.

Then she majestically broke through the surface of the water, showing off as usual. Her long, scaly neck stretching fifteen feet out the water, the ancient creature turned slowly to look at him and cocked its head. At least she seemed calm today.

“I’m sorry my old friend. Little bit short on pennies again. Gonna have to let in a few tourists on the weekend.”

The beautiful behemoth edged towards him and growled, long, and low.

“I know, I know!” David flapped his arms around in a futile attempt to placate his old friend's grumpiness “I’ll supervise the whole encounter. No idiot’s gonna try to ride The Loch Ness Monster this time! I promise!”

The creature nodded and elegantly resubmerged.

“To be fair Ness, you didn’t have to drown the poor bastard.”


My entry to The 24 hour short story challenge by @mctiller

Saw the contest yesterday and couldn't resist having a go. This is only the second original story I've ever posted online so any feedback is more than welcome, whether it be positive, constructive or brutal.

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haha I enjoyed this one. Had no clue he would be friends with Nessie :P

Thanks mate, glad you enjoyed it.

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You had fun with this. I liked that the father was really the one who obtained all types of crazy collectibles. The apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Yeah, it was a fun one. Who wouldn't want a Loch Ness Monster lake at the bottom of their garden?

I love the adding of the cryptocurrecy.

Thanks, I've been diving down the crypto rabbit hole a lot recently. Was bound to sneak into a story somewhere eventually.

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