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RE: Henry Gant, Man About Town, This Episode: "Dragon Slayer." Entry for the Twenty Four hour Short Story Challenge.

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Haha That was awesome Henry! It’s my birthday today and I am a Sally who rather related to the girl in your story. Thank you, it was a great gift to read this.. I always love the synchronicity of the universe. Much love to you. 🌈🦋💛🌴❤️


If you don't mind . . . in future incarnations of my little literary family, I should like to use the name . . . Sallybeth. It has a much better quality.

Thank you, so much.

H. G.

Oh Henry! I would be honored for you to use Sallybeth. I look forward to reading ❤️🌈🦋💛🌴

@henry-gant, may I ask if it is not rude or impolite how much one has to delegate to therising for example to receive the level of rewards you get on a daily basis? I feel I probably don’t have enough to engage in this type of investment yet but it interests me. Also do you consider it reasonably risk free? Thank you.

I was very cautious in the beginning. I still am.
The delegator always has control of his/her Steem. It's the Voting power that is lent out.
You can start with an amount of 100 Steem or more.
If you post a lot and are online a great deal then you may be better off without delegation. I am busy working on my house cleaning/organizing so I don't have much time for Steem, other than to take a day an write.
I like having some Steem to upvote others as a courtesy. But, I also need to earn on my investment. And Delegation is a "Set it and forget it" way to earn.

I have the link.

Best wishes,

H. G.

Thanks very much H. G. I appreciate that. 💛


Mmmm nice thanks 😉

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