*Lifetime Auto Daily Payout of 98% of the Bot Earnings to all our Delegators for Steem Power Delegations starting from 100 SP Only.

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Thank You So Much

My dear Steemians, we would really like to thank all our delegators, bot users & supporters from the bottom of our hearts for helping our open source community RISE at such an incredible pace in such a short span of time. As always, you all will be our first priority forever. Our limited period offer of 43.8% APR has come to an end. Although we suffered a total loss of 144 STEEM during the offer period, it was very beneficial for our delegators and it helped us in getting a lot of visibility and respect in the Steemit community. Also, we would like to deeply apologise to some of our investors for the 36.5% APR offer as we couldn't sustain it and suffered a loss of around 31 STEEM per day for 7 days. Please contact us on discord for any clarifications.


Maximum Possible Returns

We love to give the maximum possible risk-free returns in the market and you know that better than us if you have delegated to us before. As many of our investors have requested a sustainable return, we are delighted to offer 98% of the bot's daily earnings, the highest offer in the market, to all our delegators. Minimum delegated amount should be 100 SP. There is no maximum limit. The best part is that it is risk-free and you can cancel your delegation anytime if you wish.

How To Delegate?

Delegating Steem power is very simple! Thanks to @justyy for creating this delegation tool.
Click on DELEGATE to go to the tool.
In the optional delegator ID field put your username without @ and in delegatee ID put therising. Fill the amount you want to delegate, select SP in dropdown and click on delegate with steemconnect.com. There sign the transaction with your username and private active key and you will get an instant confirmation.

For any questions regarding anything, kindly contact us at https://discord.gg/EE7DuYc

*NOTE: There is a 99% probability that the above offer will not change. But there is a 1% chance that it may change in the rarest of the cases such as if steemit payout algorithm or rules change in the upcoming hardforks, SBD/STEEM price crashes to near zero or any other unavoidable rare circumstance. If such a rare case happens, all our delegators will be duly notified.


I sent 1 SBD yesterday to your bot and never got a upvote!

Please rectify this mistake.

I have refunded your 1 SBD. Please do not post your bot issues here. We have a seperate section in the discord channel. All your issues over there will be solved within 24 hrs.

Thanks for your response. Any issues going forward will be addressed in discord. Thanks again.

Thanks to you too for such high payouts and in very timely manner. I will continue delegating to you from my other accounts. Keep up the good work.

Wow greate article!
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If I delegate you 100 SBD. How much SBD I will get daily?

It will depend on the daily profits of the bot which depends on a number of factors such as STEEM price, reward pool balance,etc.

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Wow greate article!
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and, finish? Today came no reward:(

That is because you lowered your delegation to 30 SP and minimum delegation is 100 SP

My plan was to delegate all my PS to you. But I had issues with the delegation tool/steemconnect. Can you see how much it is now? With bad luck we have to wait the cooling time. For me it looks all my PS are delegated.

have my SP available again, do you still give reward?

Ya...we currently give 100% of the bot earnings.

remember my account @hamidi103 and i will subscribe with you hope we become partner, success continue @therising

Thanks for subscribing @hamidi103

same master, may I get your special priority and attention, thank you

I have looked at, but I'm unable to log into Steemconnect.
Anyone else having this problem?

It shouldn't be a problem to log into steemconnect if you are entering your private active key over there. If you still face problems, please contact me on discord. I will guide you through the process.

In your bidding round, total bids placed were high. So you got a negative return. Bid bots cannot guarantee a profit on each bid. Sometimes you bid and you profit and sometimes you make a loss. For more clarifications, contact me on discord: https://discord.gg/EE7DuYc . Do not post your bot queries in the posts. We have a seperate section for bot issues in the discord channel. All your queries over there will be answered within 24 hrs. If you post here, your queries will not be answered.

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