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RE: The Little Green Man.

Good evening (here) @cheekah! Working to do my small part in support of the great @pifc community, I am writing to let you know I have selected your post as an entry into their weekly contest.

I hope will find encouragement in learning this, to continue all you are clearly doing to add value to our Steem blockchain. Please follow the entry link above to find my supporting comments, to the PIFC Community, for the consideration of your efforts here.

All the best to you @cheekah, for a better tomorrow!


Thank you so much. I feel happy that you thought my story is great content. Thanks for the encouragement. You have made my day!

Very pleased to hear that @cheetah. That then, in turn, helps make my day.

A "win-win" for both us, as we work to add value to our Steem blockchain! 👍

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