It had been many years since K-Min had sent the space probe. The inhabitants of the Hu-Brid planet in the Arcadia constellation were luminous beings. Their bodies were long, they had three extremities in the upper part and four in the lower one. His skin was reddish in the day and blue in the night. They fed on creig shoots, a very common plant on that planet.

The leader of this planet was accustomed to colonize other races and on it rested the beginning and the end.

And the end had arrived. The destruction of the galaxy was near. The team in charge of collecting the species for study and conservation had to prepare.

The Milky Way was no longer inhabited, she was immersed in a perennial meteor shower. The scientists at Hu-Brid knew that the planet Earth that was inhabited by great creatures were exterminated when C-Trenz launched its devastating beam. The planet had been completely extinct.

But, that terrible night K-Min would discover that on the planet Earth there was life. When addressing the galactic council and exposing their discovery, they were all shocked by the news, since every time C-Trenz exercised its lightning, nothing remained alive.

Before releasing the news to the galactic leader, they had to make sure that the images that the Zen probe was real. If this were true they should capture and bring those specimens for study and preservation.

The scientists in charge of Hu-Brid tried as much as possible to improvise a laboratory in their fastest ship. Reaching the Milky Way would take about 4Gk. The crew consisted of six Hu-Brid: K-Min, G-Zan, C-Ele, X-Zia and T-Eux.

They crossed the vast universe in the Zen ship.30. Ship that was driven by the dark matter of the universe.

As they approached the planet, object of study, they realized that they had a micro planet nearby and a brighter one towards the end. In addition, there were other planets larger than others. They were intrigued and they got closer. They observed some species of ships that circled and others that were maintained.

From above, the crew realized that it was a strange planet, different from the others. Upon entering their magnetic field they could realize that there were very small ships.

K-Min could not believe what he saw, he did not know how to speak and transmit to others. They landed in a very desolate place, suddenly came those moving objects and beings of strange bodies. They were inferior to them.
T-Eux, an expert in language, tried to decode this strange language. When placing in the babels the sounds of the small beings could understand:

-Who are you? Why are they here? What do they want? General Davenport asked.

K-Min, the leader of the expedition, adjusted his babels and told him:

-We are the masters of this planet. Our King C-Trenz destroyed them when they were huge creatures and will do it again if they do not dislodge their domains.

-We've been here for a long time and the intruders are you. The General replied.

-You are an inferior race and should not coexist with the other species. K-Min answered.

-If that is your decision, then we will begin with the attack. The general gave the order and the missiles were fired at the inhabitants. By detonating all the missiles, K-Min and his travel companions were intact.

The General and the others were left without knowing what to do and called more and more troops. While they watched the visitors leave unharmed. So he sent for Mark, a strange man, who had sent him to a cell because he could not stand his presence or his string of stupid things. This Mark was a supposed expert in alien beings.

They left Mark in the desert where the ship had landed. This one went to where the visitors were untouched. When Mark saw them, he understood that the end had come.

The visitors observed the walker. They set out to receive more lights. When the walker spoke to them.

-I'm T-Sau. Son of T-Tsa. My father waited for you for a long time. He died recently. For what he told me you do not know what it is to die, nor did you know that you would come. You do not die, you are in the painful luck of being eternal. Humans die, our bodies and our mind is not so resistant. We are the product of your leader's beam. When the dinosaurs, those great creatures, became extinct, the planet took a great turn and the ray passed through a small cell body and this evolved into what is now called human.

K-Min and his companions looked closely at the little being. They did not simulate a word. They just watched.
Mark or T-sau continued, he would no longer use his human name.

-They want them to leave, but I know it can not be, that they have to take a group to be observed and see their creation. C-Trenz will feel pride, sure yes. This galaxy and the planet Hu-Brid have to be destroyed.

General Davenport and the whole world listened to Mark or T-sau.

There was nothing to do. Everything starts It has an end. The humans were sectioned, dissected and many of them displayed as part of their supreme leader. Hu-Bri and the Earth were destroyed by a greater power, by a leader who sought the perfect race.

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