Twenty-four Hour Short Story Contest - The Bird that Calls for us

The Bird that Calls for us.

Ana and Peter got out of the car and walked to the edge of the beach, there were many people, they wanted to be alone and they left the crowd to a more private place.

"I think you know why I brought you to the beach," said Ana, "this is where we met".

Peter was silent, his eyes were lost in the immense sea, he tried not to think, to feel nothing.

"Peter, I'm sorry, I'm also suffering," she continued, taking Peter's face with his hands, forcing him to look her in the eyes.

"Leave me alone, Ana," said Peter in a broken voice, "I know you do not love me anymore".

Peter walked away from Ana and walked to the beach, his feet were caressed by the cold waters of the sea, Ana looked at him feeling guilty.

Suddenly Peter began to swim towards the waves, entering the immense and deep sea, Ana watched him from the shore with tears in his eyes, they had shared many things and she only wanted the best for him.

Then Ana stopped seeing him for a few seconds, Peter was drowning, his body was sinking in the cold and furious waters of the sea, he could not breathe, the sunlight went out like his life, he suddenly felt that someone held him and he lost consciousness.

"Peter, wake up," Ana screamed, "wake up, please".

Ana made a great effort to stay afloat, but the two sank, she had to let go of Peter or she would die with him. But a strange current dragged them both to shallow water, Ana took Peter to the shore, she lay on the sand and fainted.

"Ana wake up, are you okay?" said Peter, very frightened. She opened her eyes and they both embraced.

"I am sorry, Peter".

"There is nothing to forgive Ana, you know that I love you".

Ana and Peter walked to where the car had been parked, but the beach was deserted, they could not see the car either, so they thought that the current had taken them to another place.

"It is very cold" Ana said.

"Yes, the weather has changed, it's very strange," said Peter.

A solitary bird flew over them, it was very big and black with huge dark eyes, it circled above them.

"What a strange bird," said Peter.

The bird began to emit a strange sound, almost imperceptible that was confused with the strong wind. But then they realized that the bird seemed to shout its names "Ana, Ana, Peter, Peter".

A feeling of fear invaded the couple and they began to run after the bird that kept shouting their names. Suddenly the bird collapsed to the ground, they approached the bird and looked at it for a long time very intrigued by what had happened.

A cold breeze hit their bodies and brought them back to reality, they began to hear people talking, they looked up and in the distance they saw how a group of people were crowding around something.

Peter and Ana approached to see what was happening, what happened filled them with amazement and terror, an icy cold seized them, they could not move, their eyes were fixed on the lifeless bodies of two young couple that had drowned, it was them.

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Good story.