Frozen Images - Writers Block Poetry Contest Week 5

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The fifth poetry contest hosted by @thewritersblock was extra challenging this time. Everyone is invited to bring up two different 'things' in two different sections. The title combines them.

When reading this prompt, I was immediately reminded of the work by Ezra Pound. His poetry has influenced my life and the way I look at writing a lot. I especially also recommend his thoughts on translation. I cannot ever hope to meet his standard of writing. but that doesn't mean I cannot try to transform my thoughts into something meaningful like he did. By using images that provoke.

Frozen Images.jpg

Frozen images

The snow no longer white
Footsteps tracing past lives

Death I cannot unsee
A kitten without eyes

~ @nobyeni

Image CC, from Pixabay.

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Oh, wow! So short, yet so much impact. Well done--sad but lovely, Noby.

Poignant, and beautifully so.