The Boys (TV series) : An interesting take on superheroes

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Superheros: One could successfully argue that this particular topic has been done to death in recent times. It has become a category so common in TV an cinema that I believe that it and something related to zombies are competing for the cliche awards.

That being said: The Boys, takes some steps to make this type of entertainment a lot more interesting than I expected.


I encountered this show because I think someone on Steemit recommended it when i was ranting about how Amazon Prime doesn't work in Thailand. This is one of their exclusive shows if i am not mistaken and it is a good one.

While it isn't a comedy, it does have comedic elements to it. The main part being that these superheros are not actually very nice people and they are also controlled by a corporation that dictates their every move including what crimes they are going to prevent and what their costumes are. But at the core, the superheros are actually pretty awful people.


One of my favorite superhero films of all time is Hancock with Will Smith and this series has a bit in common with that show. I enjoyed the fact that Hancock was basically a jerk who happened to have super powers but didn't necessarily use them for the forces of good. Most of the heros in this show are the same way. They are drunks, womanizers, and basically selfish pricks who are all controlled by a corporation that dictates their every move. It hasn't been revealed to me yet why it is that they listen to the company but i would imagine that that comes in time.

The show focuses on the group of people that are trying to kill all the heros rather than the heros themselves (hence the title of the show being "The Boys") I have to admit that it is pretty impractical that these guys, none of which have super-powers of their own, would be able to bring down a hero, but they do so.

Overall, the show is definitely worth watching and while I haven't dug too deep into what Amazon stuff is out there, i hope that this is an indicator of the kind of material they are interested in producing. Of all the series i have watched recently, this is one of the best and I suggest anyone give it a try even if you are sick of superhero films like I am



I was the one who recommended it to you, though it was on an Acidyo thread I think and you said you'd have to TPB it because Scamazon Prime Video doesn't work in your area. And, I demand at least 10000 Dogecoin for the entertainment you received. You know, thanks to my greatness.

But, yeah. Glad you enjoyed the show, dood. It's based off a comic book series, so if you wanna delve more into it before the next season you could pick that up. It's got the same name, so easy to find.

just 10,000 Doge? Sure that's enough? :P

You know what, you're right. Lets call it 15000 dogecoin just to be safe. DOGECOIN IS THE FUTURE, BRUV.

Watched the series this past week and it was pretty graphic, but the writting was good so I would suggest others watch it. However, it is not for kids! It is not your normal superhero series.

yeah, that's a good point. It certainly isn't for kids.

I've heard very good things about this show recently, apparently I'll have to watch it.

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I just added this to my list but I haven't gotten around to watching it yet. I have some stuff I have to finish on Netflix then I will be working on my Amazon stuff. I have heard lately that where Netflix is focusing on the quantity of shows they are putting out, Amazon has been focusing more on the quality of original shows. I have been very happy with Sneaky Pete and Jack Ryan. I have also heard really good things about The Man in the High Tower.

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