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RE: The Boys (TV series) : An interesting take on superheroes

in #tv3 years ago

I was the one who recommended it to you, though it was on an Acidyo thread I think and you said you'd have to TPB it because Scamazon Prime Video doesn't work in your area. And, I demand at least 10000 Dogecoin for the entertainment you received. You know, thanks to my greatness.

But, yeah. Glad you enjoyed the show, dood. It's based off a comic book series, so if you wanna delve more into it before the next season you could pick that up. It's got the same name, so easy to find.


just 10,000 Doge? Sure that's enough? :P

You know what, you're right. Lets call it 15000 dogecoin just to be safe. DOGECOIN IS THE FUTURE, BRUV.

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