Happy (Netflix series) - pretty good, but not for everyone

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In my conquest to watch everything that Netflix "recommends for me" I encountered "Happy" and so far I like it more than I dislike it.


Based on a series of comic books, "Happy" follows the life of Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni) who is a bit of an outcast ex-cop who is riddled with alcohol and drug abuse problems. He makes money by being a hitman on the side but this is mostly to supplement his destructive lifestyle. He receives his directives about who his next mark is by courier and then carries them out in a pretty absurd and impractical fashion. Although he doesn't have superpowers that I can determine, the ability to have pinpoint accuracy with weapons despite being hammered drunk and high seems to be a good one.


One day after suffering a heart attack he finds himself in a hospital and he has now gained the ability to see a flying cartoon unicorn thing that is actually the imaginary friend of a young girl who has been kidnapped. It's absurd, i know but the interactions are actually pretty neat.


The donkey or horse thing is voiced by Patton Oswalt who can be a bit annoying at time but that brings me to the point of why this works for me. The show is actually very dark and has plenty of blood and gore which is a really good reason to not let the kiddos watch it. The introduction of a whimsical cartoon flying horse who has the mentality of a child is in stark contrast to the life and actions of the main character Nick Sax. Nick doesn't really care about the girl or "Happy" but since Happy won't leave him alone he begrudgingly goes on his quest to rescue her. The only problem is that Happy can't remember where Hailey (the kidnapped little girl) is being held so Nick and unicorn buddy have to work together to find her.

As it says in the trailer, Brian Taylor, who co-directed a Jason Statham film called "Crank" is also the director of this series and this is evident upon watching an episode or two. The show is fast-paced and you rarely have a chance to become bored. However, I can see how "Happy" the unicorn would get on some people's nerves because that kind of happens with me. Overall I would say that you should give this one a go. If you aren't digging it by the end of episode 2, walk away.

After 5 episodes on a scale of 328 to 4,393 I give "Happy" a rating of


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This is the quality of the serials that I love. Thank you for advising me, I will see it immediately
Thank you for the article and for the video you are always at the top @gooddream

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I hadn't seen this, but it looks kind of interesting. It looks like it pulls from a lot of different sources. I can see some Donnie Darko as well as other movies/themes in it. I have a crap ton of stuff I need to watch on Netflix myself. It seems like every time I turn around they are adding new shows where I say to myself "that looks interesting"...