Fargo (TV-show) season 1 wrap-up

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So I just finished this fantastic TV-show about an hour ago and for some of you out there it is probably quite remarkable that I am only getting to this series now. The show, as many of you might be aware, is inspired by the popular move with the same name starring William H Macy. The TV show has nothing to do with the characters that appeared in the film but the Coen Brothers are involved in the production of both.


In the beginning of each episode we (the viewer) are informed that this is a true story, which makes it so much more interesting to watch because I love real-life stuff. It also has a wonderfully talented cast complete with Billy-Bob Thornton, who plays the assassin Lorne Malvo and despite his small stature he manages to be an absolutely captivating and terrifying villain.


The story of the series is true crime in unlikely places. We all have this (mostly true) idea that the far north of the midwest in the USA is actually an extremely friendly and safe place to be where neighbors know neighbors and everyone can leave their doors unlocked. It certainly isn't a place you would expect hitmen to turn up or for local mild-mannered people to all of us sudden go rogue and become cold-hearted killers.


The conversion from meek family man to stone-faced cold-as-ice killer happens for Lester Nygaard (pictured above and portrayed by Martin Freeman) and he goes from pitiful to despicable in the matter of half of the season.

Colin Hanks (Tom's son) is in this series as well but to be honest, his character and him are very forgettable and despite some important moments in the series, his character doesn't really need to be in it at all.

Now, i watched this series with great interest because of the fact that it was "TRUE." However, as the season progresses it starts to become evident that it is becoming increasingly implausible that this happened at all so I did a little research on the ol' interwebs. As it turns out this is a complete work of fiction and has ZERO base in reality. It's the ol' Blair Witch switcheroo. Nothing that happens in these episodes actually happened in real life. That kind of knocks the appeal down a peg in my mind because you tricked me into being interested.

Overall, I think the show is extremely worth watching especially to see the brililant performance of Billy Bob Thornton as an emotionless, fearless killer. I docked a few points for deceit, but this is still one of the best series I have watched in the past few years.

7 / 10

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I loved every minute of Fargo. Both Martin Freeman and Billy-Bob Thornton are amazing in this.

Great show and for those who haven't seen it already, you should definitely give it a shot.

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excellent review greetings and my respects, I have not gone through your blogger, I've been busy lately. My vote

I watch seasonals alot especially the ones made from real life...you made it look interesting at first....i started hsving second thoughts when you said you did your research and found out it was all fiction

"Billy Bob Thornton as an emotionless, fearless killer."
Yes, this actor is great! Every now and then I search for a series to watch on Netflix, and then I see the name Fargo. And remember especially season 1. I think season 1 is the best, it must be because of Billy Bob. :)
Season 2 was ok, season 3 not so much. But maybe you will like it. Let us know!

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Watching a crime series is lkke a fun . It always attract good number of audience. Nice tv show

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