Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (comedy series - kinda)

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So I found this because it was recommended to me after I watched that atrocious Amy Schumer stand-up special and all I could think was "oh dear, please don't be even remotely related to that garbage. Thankfully, it isn't.


We don't see much out of Jerry Seinfeld anymore these days. If I had amassed his immense fortune I would likely go into hiding for a while also so i am not going to fault the guy for that. It is nice to see him again.

The premise behind the show is exactly what it says. Jerry turns up with a car with various celebs, they ride around a bit, talk, then go get coffee, and talk a bit more.

Episode 1 featured Jim Carrey and a 1976 Lamborghini Countach


Jim, as you may know, has kind of gone a bit nuts lately. His movies have not been successful in quite a while and he, when he does make public appearance, appears to be, how to say, a bit "out there." This is all fine and dandy because he keeps the nuts at bay for the most part during this short episode with Jerry. Jerry, you see, is one of the richest comedians of all time so it may take someone on his level to humble Jim. I dunno.

They talk about normal things and it is actually very entertaining because you get a chance to see into the real heads of these people and I wonder if they were hoping for more "out there" behavior from Jim, or if they just edited it all out. Towards the end they go to Jim's house to see his painting studio.


Now this is where the show hit a high note for me. The only work of Jim's I have been exposed to is his ones centered around his hatred for a particular political figure to remain unnamed but I am certain you know who it is. Those just seemed so typical of someone in Hollywood who is detached from society due to their immense wealth. However, the rest of Jim's work that is in his studio is actually really good. He has a real talent there and I truly admire it now. He is truly talented at everything he does - except taking on too serious roles in films (with one exception.)

Overall, I think this is a great idea for a show because it doesn't really focus so much on being hilarious. There is no script as far as I can tell. It is just two legendarily funny people having a normal chat and doing something that most of us do... drive really expensive sportscars.... ok, not really but I think we can all say we get drinks with friends and chat.

no rating, but recommended

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I watched a few of them and thought they were really good. The interviewee opens up because they are chilled . Jimmy Careys legs in that lambo! HAHA

Jim Carrey is always cool, no matter what. Episode 1 on Netflix. Kind of strange, Wikipedia shows a different counting. So this is a selection.
Anyway must watch Jim.

Cool episode. His painting studio is impressive, the car is great and some funny jokes.
9/10 :)


well it actually refers to it as a collection 1, episode 1, which i have never seen before. Don't know if that changes anything :)

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That's kind of cool concept for the show, it seems to be interesting.
keep flourishing!

I really like comedy shows. Both of him best commedian. I think everyone like this great show. What a beautiful car. Amazing acting. I m so enjoying this show. Thanks for sharing. @gooddream.

The other day I saw obama with Seinfelt, he has a lot of money, his fortune still surprised me ... That program was worthwhile was the jewel of his life ... Greetings my friend I focused on education thanks for your valuable comment.