Star Trek: Discovery - World Premiere Tonight 😀

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Space HD channel was replaying a marathon of all the Star Trek movies this weekend, in preparation for the long awaited World Premiere of Star Trek: Discovery at 20:30 EST. It will be a 2-hour premiere. Check your local schedule. I can't wait 🤗🤗🤗

I'm a huge Star Trek fan, I enjoyed Voyager and Deep Space Nine through the years. I still watch them before going to sleep, it's a relaxing activity. I'm yet to dig into The Next Generation from start to end. I didn't watch Enterprise because the first season sucked, I didn't connect much to the characters. How about you, which is your favorite Star Trek TV show?

  • The Original Series (1966–69)
  • The Next Generation (1987–94)
  • Deep Space Nine (1993–99)
  • Voyager (1995–2001)
  • Enterprise (2001–05)

They already trashed the Star Trek name with those silly recent movies, by appointing J.J. Abrams to massacre the experience with his stupidly annoying lens flares and blinding lights in the unwatchable Star Trek (2009)! I didn't even bother with Star Trek Beyond (2016).

For a while I found comfort re-watching my good old favorite Star Trek TV shows and movies, for the quality acting and non-excessive CGI. I hope the new series will be great, after a decade of waiting. The expectations are very high, they better not disappoint.

Live long and prosper

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Star Trek is my favourite series since my childhood .I like this post @drakos.

The only series I'm 100% sure I have seen from A to Z are DS9 & Voyager. I started getting interested in Star Trek by watching & taping (on VHS) the late evening ''lost in the Delta quadrant crew'' reruns on FOX. After more than a year of doing that I got to watch it in its entirety. Then I bought DS9's seven seasons on DVD. These are my two favorites. I must have seen three-quarters of TOS & TNG's episodes, and I'm not sure if I have even watched​ half of those of Enterprise. I've seen some from the animated series and all the movies. If you didn't like the 2009 movie, don't bother with the one that came out in 2016. I relatively liked the 2009 and the next one, but I hated Star Trek Beyond for its plot.

First, The Next Generation was fantastic. I just finished watching the whole series last month, and every episode felt like it was a good one. Even the mundane episodes had some kernel of good writing in them that made me want to watch. I'm working through Voyager now.

Second, you're going to have to expand on how Star Trek 2009 was unwatchable. Have you seen Star Trek: The Motion Picture? If anyone was guilty of creating a terrible reboot, it was the writers tasked with that movie, and whatever creative genius decided to make the Enterprise and the Trek universe look nothing like TOS. At least Abram's characters wore color-designation uniforms.

Star Trek 2009 was unwatchable because of the blinding lights, the continuous lens flares, the shaky camera, all the worst techniques in film making. Even when two people were having a close-up dialogue, there were lens flares out of nowhere! What the hell with that crap? I can't stand Abrams' style. He ruined it for me.

Well there's a lot of shiny lights on the Enterprise! Lens flare is inevitable! Plus we all know inertial dampeners don't work on cameras.

When people start to talk about inertial dampeners, I KNOW they are true fans 🤓

I know a thing or two about performing a tetryon scan for spatial anomlaies. :D

Make sure your long range sensors aren't being affected by that nebula. Funny, all Star Trek vessels don't have short range sensors... it's always long range!

Maybe it's because the short range sensors never malfunction. Perhaps when they say short range sensors, they mean binoculars. :D

Next Gen is the best IMO. You need to dig into that if you're this much into Star Trek man!

I'm going to partly disagree with you about the new films though.. we can still be friends i hope ;)

For me, the first one that JJ did was pretty great all around. It had all the right elements of star trek, good acting and great special fxs.

I just wish that the other 2 went in more of a sci fi direction instead of in an action film direction, which they unfortunately did. That being said, I still thought 2 and 3 were entertaining, just not sci fi enough for my tastes or, to honour Star Trek properly.

Steem-on and prosper 🖖

LOL That gif of Kirk singing a Meshuggah cover blows me away XD


Great post ........follow &upvoted

you can do the same for STARWARS or the Lord of the Rings or a ROMERO evening! in any case pretty post I up

a very good post, should always follow.

I'm gonna change my Witness vote to you.

It's amazing the edited the course.

I never watched Star Trek. :D Or if I ever did...I do not remember it. :3

@drakos Well done for sticking at it! Love it. Followed..

I hear you man. Been thinking about diving back into Voyager and TNG soon/again. (fanfic post materials)

The movies kinda drive me up the walls, but kinda grew on me after a while as most of my in-laws love them ... I think the older movies are good but these last few have irked me.

I am so keen to gobble down another serries. Cause Star Trek has always been about the t.v serries for me.

Just voted for you! I'm glad there's a Witness who's promoting an art channel on Discord. It's exactly what I was looking for.

I just watched the first two episodes. I absolutely loved them. It's been such a long time coming. I love every series, (maybe Enterprise not so much). Picard will always be the best.