Westworld Season 3 Episode 7 Recap and Thoughts

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This season is fantastic. It has kept me on my toes, the story has been fantastic, the plot twists have all been blindsides and I'm just loving it. With only one episode left, we are gearing up for a fantastic finale.

Caleb was really the focal point of tonight's episode but we did get a glimpse into what Charlotte, Maeve and Bernard were all up to. Only real omission today was Serac but I'm guessing he will be a major player next week.

We learned a lot more about Caleb today and who he is and what was done to him. There have been tons of Caleb theories all season long and today we found out exactly what Caleb is. Turns out he is a "success" story from Serac outlier rehabilitation project. So he is a human and an outlier but before today was a recovering outlier. While visiting the place where he was "cured" Caleb relives some memories from his past and realized most of what happened to him. It turns out he was the one who killed Francis after being manipulated by the strategy most of his life. Well not no more, Caleb is here and looking for some blood.

We had an interesting little scene about Charlotte as well. It wasn't totally clear to me but she either changed sides or is working on her own plan now. Either way she is now anti-Dolores and has brought back Clementine to kick some ass for her. Not sure what she will be up to next week but I guarantee she will be a factor in the outcome.

Maeve and Dolores had a battle to the death, I thought we might get this fight next week but apparently they decided to murder each other a week early so they can enjoy the mayhem next week. As soon as that fight started I knew it was going to end with the EMP going off, seems like they only way Maeve was going to be stopped.

Lastly we had Bernard and the gang up to their usual antics of wandering around confused and not getting along with each other. Seems so weird to have Bernard, Stubbs and the man in white all together. To make it even weirder we see the man in white declare his own personal war against the hosts as he vowed to destroy all of them. Even after that our dynamic trio still kept plodding along together.

All this sets up for a finale that I'm sure is going to be packed with surprises for us. Lots of unknowns and lots of problems still to solve. Can't wait for next Sunday!


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