Making The Cut Episode 9 Recap and Thoughts

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Down to the final three, our designers are challenged to create a pop-up shop to show off and sell items from their final collections before finiding out who would be part of the finale.

I have mixed feelings about this episode. First off we never found out who the final 2 are going to be. We got hit with a cliffhanger on a show where we can just immediately watch the next episode anyways. So we started with 3 designers and ended with 3 designers.

Second, I really hate when these shows ask everyone to make a collection and then cut someone before we see the entire collection. I want to see the final runway for all three of our competitors! I'll feel ripped off no matter who gets sent home at the start of next episode.

And third, I was not a fan of how much of a role accessories played in the pop-up shops. Jonny and Esther went accessory heavy while Sander focused completely on the clothes. It felt like that put Sander at a huge disadvantage and I think is why we will be seeing him depart before the final runway.


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