The Best Show You’re Not Watching on Netflix...My Crush on Justified

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This is just a post for fun, and a deviation from teaching my preschooler safe glue gun use . It’s my TV loveletter.

Let's get to it. My dear husband and I have been working our way through the FX series Justified on Netflix and having so much fun. I keep mentioning it to people - in those casual “whatcha streaming?” conversation that come up all the time. NO ONE HAS HEARD OF IT. I have yet to find anyone else who is as charmed by Tim Olyphant as I am AND I have yet to find anyone who has heard of the series.

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The premise of the series is about the escapades of Federal US Marshal named Raylan Givens. He has a number of run-ins with The Bad Guys, but never looses his cool. There is a significant amount of violence, a little bit of sex and a lot of bad puns. It’s Friday Night Lights meets Walker, Texas Ranger. It’s 90210 set in Kentucky.

First and foremost, the series isn’t dark. That isn’t to say that it is free from drugs, violence and crime. What I mean is that overall, the good guys are good and the bad guys find trouble. It is a nice contrast to House of Cards or Vikings - where terrible things happen every episode to everyone.

Second, it is written with humor. The rejoinders are clever and the characters recognize the absurd situations that life throws at them. It’s funny and complex.

Third, there’s a lot of episodes. I thought Sneaky Pete was hilarious. However, it was one quick season and a vague promise of more. Jusitfied has nearly a hundred episode waiting for your binging pleasure.

Last, my husband agrees. That’s key. I love watching TV with someone else, and it turns out he didn’t think 13 Reasons Why was nearly as charming as I did. Finding something we can agree on is very important to our marital bliss.

I hope this has convinced you to try it. Mostly, I just want to increase the number of people watching so that I can find someone to share the love.

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I was going to write this article today, and you beat me to it!

I love Tim, and Justified. I've been watching Deadwood recently, because I can't get enough Timo!

He's just so cool; and I'm a dude and not gay!

Must check it out!

Thanks for the recommendadion! I have been looking for something new to watch. My wife and I enjoy watching something together. There has been alot less watching since we went full time traveling avout a year ago. Sometimes I miss it.

I watched Justified a few years ago and it was quite fun. However, I must admit I wasn't drawn to the series by Tim Olyphant, but by his rival Boyd, aka Walton Goggins. Big fan of his! Enjoy the rest of the show.
By the way, 13 Reasons Why is on my must-watch list as I've heard many good things about it. (So damn hard finding something worth watching these days)