Your Preschooler Needs a Hot Glue Gun! And a snack, they always want snacks.

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I was kind of surprised to find out that my 8-year old was using a glue gun at a friend’s house. “I’m sure there’s lots of supervision,” I told myself, because I assume all the other mothers are doing a better job at worrying about these kinds of things.

So, when I picked her up one day, I found that the resident 4-year old was also hard at work. Yikes! But then super chill mom says, “It’s great, it keeps them entertained for hours, and if you buy low temp you they’ll learn to be careful without scars.” And she was totally right. All of the smalls in my house have had little burns (the low temp doesn’t blister) and …..drumroll ….have spent hours in peaceful creativity.


Other random bonus is that they use up all the plastic bit and pieces lying about the house. It becomes a giant Crip Crap Mountain. At least it’s not going to make you say bad words when you step on it at night, the way it did when it was just some lonely plastic pigs and aliens hidden in the carpet.

So, get your low temp glue gun now, buy a package of one hundred glue sticks, and revel in your excellent parenting.

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Very good psst.

I like the idea, definitely need super supervision in my house as Mr 4 is a tad on the crazy experimental side and would most likely revel in glueing himself, or one of the others to the furniture.