You can already buy Veritaseum tokens and I will show you how to tame ETHERDELTA exchange.

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I wrote before about Veritaseum project:

There is an ICO that nobody talks about...

Since that time ICO went from 1M to... 8M:

And you can already trade them on Etherdelta exchange.


To create an Etherdelta account use Select account button and choose one of the options:

NEW - this will create new ETH address with private key you have to save
IMPORT - this option let you import your own account with your private key (even MEW)


Then you will see your address in the same place:


It's tricky to copy (at least in Firefox) so use right click and choose:


Then you can charge your address with ETH. Finding VER token is tricky:

The previous link was to the Ether market in Veritaseum. I am linking the Veritaseum market here: this is simply the same orders but the flipped around.

Then you need to deposit ETH inside your Etherdelta account:


Now it's the time to buy VER, you can set up your own order or just click the green one and fill it:


You can see your executed orders on the right:


Now it's the time to withdraw your VERI:


And finally transfer out to your desired ETH account:

2017-06-03 (9).png

To see your VERI in MEW:

Click on Add Customer Token

Enter the following:

=>The address (0x8f3470a7388c05ee4e7af3d01d8c722b0ff52374) of VeritaseumToken into the Address box,
=> VERI into the Token Symbol box,
=> 18 into the Decimals box


Veritaseum to SOLVE balance sheet problems for sovereign nations. New Reggie Middleton Video.

Hey, I fought my own way through the mist of Etherdelta... bought em at 40 dollars

When doing a deposit we only use .015 eTherieun why is it costing more to withdraw the veri at .043 can we get away with using .015 etherium to withdraw ?

buenas tardes, mira lo que pasa es que no me deja depositar nada en mi cuenta etherdelta, o como puedo tranferir eth de mi cuenta poloniex o otra cartera a mi cuenta ether delta sugiero porfavor ayuda!

Thanks dawidram, that's the info I was searching for. Steemit to the rescue, who needs Google when you can Steemit.

good info.......... thanks

Welcomed as always.

Do you know when Veritaseum is going to launch as a coin n exchanges?
I heard the date of 25th of July. Is it true? Thanks

Veri is a major Key to success!

Word of the Day...VERITIZE!

Veritize... Peer-2-Peer Capital Markets, Insurance, Precious metals, Media & Broadcasting, Real Estate, Technology, Utilities, EVERYTHING!

Veritaseum is the #1 Asset in the industry! Spread the NETWORK EFFECT.

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