You can already buy Veritaseum tokens and I will show you how to tame ETHERDELTA exchange.

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I wrote before about Veritaseum project:

There is an ICO that nobody talks about...

Since that time ICO went from 1M to... 8M:

And you can already trade them on Etherdelta exchange.


To create an Etherdelta account use Select account button and choose one of the options:

NEW - this will create new ETH address with private key you have to save
IMPORT - this option let you import your own account with your private key (even MEW)


Then you will see your address in the same place:


It's tricky to copy (at least in Firefox) so use right click and choose:


Then you can charge your address with ETH. Finding VER token is tricky:

The previous link was to the Ether market in Veritaseum. I am linking the Veritaseum market here: this is simply the same orders but the flipped around.

Then you need to deposit ETH inside your Etherdelta account:


Now it's the time to buy VER, you can set up your own order or just click the green one and fill it:


You can see your executed orders on the right:


Now it's the time to withdraw your VERI:


And finally transfer out to your desired ETH account:

2017-06-03 (9).png

To see your VERI in MEW:

Click on Add Customer Token

Enter the following:

=>The address (0x8f3470a7388c05ee4e7af3d01d8c722b0ff52374) of VeritaseumToken into the Address box,
=> VERI into the Token Symbol box,
=> 18 into the Decimals box


Veritaseum to SOLVE balance sheet problems for sovereign nations. New Reggie Middleton Video.

Hey, I fought my own way through the mist of Etherdelta... bought em at 40 dollars

When doing a deposit we only use .015 eTherieun why is it costing more to withdraw the veri at .043 can we get away with using .015 etherium to withdraw ?

buenas tardes, mira lo que pasa es que no me deja depositar nada en mi cuenta etherdelta, o como puedo tranferir eth de mi cuenta poloniex o otra cartera a mi cuenta ether delta sugiero porfavor ayuda!

Thanks dawidram, that's the info I was searching for. Steemit to the rescue, who needs Google when you can Steemit.

good info.......... thanks

Welcomed as always.

Do you know when Veritaseum is going to launch as a coin n exchanges?
I heard the date of 25th of July. Is it true? Thanks

Veri is a major Key to success!

Word of the Day...VERITIZE!

Veritize... Peer-2-Peer Capital Markets, Insurance, Precious metals, Media & Broadcasting, Real Estate, Technology, Utilities, EVERYTHING!

Veritaseum is the #1 Asset in the industry! Spread the NETWORK EFFECT.

Thanks so much, helps a lot. Ether delta is def not that intuitive. Cheers!

I'm glad that it helped.

Amazing info on the steemit site...I will be finding helpful info here for months and months to come!

Thanks so much, buying some Veritaseum now.

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