Will VERITASEUM get to PARITY 1:1 RATIO with ETHEREUM today?

Will Veritaseum PASS ETH? Right now it is 0.87910 ETH . That is equal to about $138. Ethereum is currectly about $157... :)

I have been posting about the POWER of the NETWORK effect and the seriousness of the #Veritaseum software platform.

I just want to keep your mind FRESH with the #VERI news and updates on Reggie Middleton and the company. I wrote last night about the demonstration that I saw about how the Veritaseum CLIENT works with value trades (here): https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@getitfrommike/this-is-the-network-effect-veritaseum

Go see the demo. I can only assure myself that the NEW client will be even more powerful. SPREAD THE WORD!

Pretty fancy and amazing stuff. Could this be WHY the major exchanges have not hosted Veritaseum to be traded on their platform? If so, I think it is silly. There is ALWAYS enough to spread around. Greed and exclusivity is what got us in this problem in the first place. Banksters and racism and classism and many other challenges to the character and integrity of human animals have produced the dissatisfaction that you see today. That has produced the CHANGE that we all need and want to badly.


ADD VERI TO YOUR EXCHANGE! Ha. Just joking. Not being on the exchanges just brings the need for Reggie Middleton to create his own. That is being done and will be the LARGEST digital exchange in the world!

(Network Effect)

Get some VERI here: https://etherdelta.github.io/#VERI-ETH


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