Easy Aussie Cash Out – Cashing Out Your Rewards From Steemit.com (Part 2)

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A step by step guide on how to use Living Room Of Satoshi when cashing out your steem from steemit.com

On my previous post Easy Aussie Cash Out – Cashing Out Your Rewards From Steemit.com (Part 1), we looked at the good and bad side of Living Room Of Satoshi.

On this article we will focus on step by step tutorials on using Living Room Of Satoshi.

You can also check out my other post regarding cashing out your steem from steemit.com using blocktrades, changelly and coinspot.

Let us get on with the tutorial.

Living Room Of Satoshi Reward Program


I would suggest you take advantage of the reward program if you are going to be using Living Room Of Satoshi. Don’t worry because you will not be giving out any of your details. Just use an email address, create a new one if you don’t want to use your personal email address. You only need an email address to receive the log in code every time you want to log in.

  1. Go to Living Room Of Satoshi website and click on “Rewards”.

  2. Then click on “Sign In”.


Enter your email address on the pop up window and click “submit”.


Check your email and copy and paste the given code



Cashing Out Using Living Room Of Satoshi

On the home page of Living Room Of Satoshi website

  1. Select the coins that you want to use “STEEM”.

  2. Select “Pay To Bank Account”

  3. Enter the bank details and the amount you want to put in ( at the time of writing this 1 STEEM = $1 AuD)

  4. Click “Submit”


Ooops we need at least $30 AUD to meet the minimum required. Let us put in $30


After you have entered the correct amount and clicked on “Submit”

You will then get an instruction how to deposit your STEEM

Notice that on the “To” address it is changelly


Now go to your steemit.com wallet and on STEEM we select “transfer”

You will get the “Transfer to Account” pop out.

On the “To” field enter the account name that was given on the instruction which is changelly.

On the “Amount” field, enter the amount you want to send (we will be sending 18.49 STEEM for this tutorial).

On the “Memo” field, paste the memo that you copied from the instruction.

When you are happy with everything CLICK “Submit”.


Put in your “Active Key” and CLICK “Sign In”


If payment is successful, you will get a confirmation on Living Room Of Satoshi website


If you go and check your email you should also receive a confirmation email.


I made this deposit on the 5th of December 2017 and it is now the 6th. I checked my bank and still not there, I will just update this post when I receive the deposited amount.

And that’s it, I hope all the tutorials that I have covered helped any Aussies out there or anyone who are using or would like to use BLOCKTRADES, COINSPOT, CHANGELLY and Living Room Of Satoshi in cashing out their STEEM from steemit.com



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Australian Business Number (ABN): 60 686 036 118

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Does a version of this exist in Hawaii? / United States?


I don't think there is. Maybe one day... another platform will copy it or better living room of satoshi will expand to other countries.


Yeah I guess we´ll see such websites to appear or expand to many other countries very soon :)

I wish there´d be something like it for every country. You guys in Australia are really lucky having that tool :)


yes we are lucky indeed. It's helping a lot of Aussies utilizing their cryptos paying bill and all.


It´s awesome to be honest. I have to shift it between platforms to be able to pay out. Would be amazing to have the same tool available :)

Thank you, the article is very useful. Especially for people like me. For those who decided to withdraw money from here for the first time.


You are welcome. I am glad I could help

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You are welcome