Make $$$ While Searching On Google??

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Did you make any money while searching on google?? No??

but now you can make $$$ while searching on how.

1. First Goto Presearch and create an account.. [a new project based on  blockchain technology ]

2. Now login to your account...

3. Choose your search engine what you default google was selected...but you can select upto 81 search engine...

4. now when you choose your search engine type your keyword in the search box and hit enter... now as you can see it will look like a normal search result....

5. But you can credited with 0.25  Presearch coin...YES per search you can earn 0.25 Presearch coin...

6. Now take a look at Presearch coin price in Coin Market Cap. As you can see it's $0.09 at the moment, but as we all know the whole crypto market are down now days..when market was back up the coin price will you can see on JAN 06 2018 this coin will reach 0.80 [almost a dollar]

Now think how much you can make from this project... :) :)

Hope fully you'll like the post.... if you like it then like, share and comments. and don't forget to follow me @somenathsen ...


Thank you for sharing this, as I have not heard of Presearch, looking forward to checking it out.

Presearch looks great, thanks for the informative post!


presearch results are taking me to why the results are not shown in presearch itself?

Muchas gracias amigo, nunca había escuchado de Presearch, yo ando en la búsqueda de este el tipo de cosas para generar un dinero adicional.

Thanks for reminding me about Presearch. I signed up but forgot all about it as I waited for the launch. Always great to earn a bit of money doing things online we already do.

If you sign up for Bing rewards, you can maximize your Presearch earnings. If you max out Bing rewards you can get about $120+ a year in gift cards to places like Gamestop, Walmart, Target, etc.

Nice post
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Yes, I'm using Presearch, i like it.

Que genial hermano

Esto realmente funciona???

you should use ECOSIA! they will buy seeds everytime someone is searching something and plant a new tree!

Sounds very good alternative!, I will try it!. Thanks for sharing!!.

im also using presearch and its really nice, i think works even better than google 'cos y can search instantly in the most common websites without entering them

Very helpful information.

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I will give it a try.

Looks good. I use google a lot to use search differnt stuff.

Does it work also with other search engines like "ecosia" or "duckduckgo" or "Bing" ?

Great search engine, thank you for the information!

Wow presearch looks great! Thank you for introducing to such an interesting project!

Wow, it seems to be the great way to make $$$ without investing time. surely I will join it. Thanks for your kind information.

This is great!! Will definitely give it a go...

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Let's try! I keep on searching on how can I earn money thru internet.
Anyone knows any method? please share :)

An interesting project but "cui prodest" ? This sounds a bit like giving away my informations and data about which queries i made. What are you going to do with collected data?

Thanks for the information. can presearch coin be sold?

I'm using Presearch. Saludos

Como a sido la experiencia??

Thank you for all this usefull information, i will check it asap!!!

An interesting project, but you must use no more than 8 coins per day, except as I read, they can block, because the main condition for using search as usual we use in Google)

Does this mean we can do limited searches?

yes, there is a limit, you can draw a conclusion of up to 1000 PRE for the beginning, soon the limit will decrease, in any case they will warn by mail if the limit is exceeded

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