Tips and Tricks | 2 Electroneum Mobile Miner in one Android Device mining at the same time

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My ETN Mobile Miner review

ETN Mobile Miner is very user friendly, safe and very easy to use. The simulation is perfect because, I can mine ETN while opening other apps. The concept is unique and very amazing as well. You can mine without draining your battery fast.

About the Tutorial

This tutorial will teach on how to mine 2 miners at the same time using only one device. I came up with the idea because as far as I know electroneum mining is virtual (means it will allow you to mine without harming your CPU) so you can use dual apps/clone apps/ parallel space to clone the ETN mobile miner and mine at the same time

Advantages of the tutorial

This tutorial will double your ETN earnings.

In this Tutorial we need the following:

• Dual apps / Clone Apps / Parallel Space
• Internet Connection

So let’s start! In this tutorial I will use the Built in Dual App application from Xiaomi Redmi note 4

Step 1. Download the app to your device and create an account on the Electroneum website.


Step 2. Go to Settings > Dual apps > Activate Electroneum It will create an a clone app in your Home screen.



Step 3. Log in to the original app using your registered account then Log in also the to cloned app using different account

(note: Register another account for the 2nd miner so that it will generate another hashrate and will give you same amount of ETN with the original account. If you will use the same account it will not double your hashrate or it will have no effect.)


Step 4. Go to the Miner tab at the bottom left and click the Start Mining button. Do the same with the cloned app.


And were done. You have now 2 ETN miners running in your Device. If youre having a hard time setting it up. Comment below and I will help you!

Actual screenshot of my Device running 2 ETN miner in one Device.


I'm thinking maybe I could run 3 ETN mobile miner in one device. So watchout for my next tutorial!



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nice jem

Thanks ! Perfect when my wife has a old phone that could not have electronium app. Now we mining together at mine.

That is awesome i just hope I can get it working in virtual mode


Im also testing it ani. Hopw we can get a positive result

How much ETN do you mine everyday with this setup?


I can accumulate 6-8 ETN per miner :) a day

Is it safe po? What is minimum requirement po?

Oh wow i haven't started mining yet in ETN but I was one of the first people who bought in the ICO Phase

I will try this on another phone that I have