What WordPress Theme Is That?

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Would you like to know about an online tool that can tell you what WordPress theme a website is using because this might be useful for you if you are building a website for yourself or a client?

What WordPress Theme Is That?

More than ten years ago I built an HTML website for a client who owns a boutique hotel and he has asked me to now modernize the website, and I suggested to use WordPress.

I found that it is difficult to have the client go through several themes and most of the time they already have an idea of what they want and can show a particular WordPress website they like that they would like you to replicate.

But how do you know what WordPress Theme is used when there is no mention of it anywhere?

This tool can help you.

What WordPress Theme Is That?

The "WordPress Theme Search" tool is located here: http://whatwpthemeisthat.com

Enter the URL of the website you like, it will tell you if it's a WordPress website and what theme is used.

If I enter my website's URL pantika.com this is the result.

What WordPress Theme Is That?

It shows that the theme is "Contago," but there is no more information on it.

Just knowing that, you could go buy the theme and do a website similar to mine.

Let's try another website: http://www.thai7s.com.

Here we have more information showing up with the theme name and the theme homepage from where you can go buy the them and do a website similar to mine.

What WordPress Theme Is That?

It also shows the license and the theme screenshot.

What WordPress Theme Is That?

Then, you have a section that tells you about the plugins. I can tell you that there are more plugins than that installed, but it still can give you some insights on what the site is using.

What WordPress Theme Is That?

Let's try one last website of mine: http://www.dmak.net

Here too, it can tell what theme it is, and it was easy because it is a default WordPress theme.

What WordPress Theme Is That?

You have the theme screenshot again.

What WordPress Theme Is That?

A few plugins were detected.

What WordPress Theme Is That?

I hope that this is useful for you if you are planning to build a WordPress blog.

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Would you like to know about an online tool that can tell you what WordPress theme a website is using...?

Yes, please. You'll never guess how many times I visited a beautifully-designed WordPress​ site and wished I had that exact tool.

I am glad @cryptocopy that I have showed you a tool to find out what theme the sites you like use.

Yeah. As much as I like Steemit, WordPress is still the dominant blogging platform around, so its good to be aware of these things.

Exactly! Thank you for commenting @cryptocopy.

The website is vulnerable to Cross-site Scripting (XSS):

I'm sure the owner would like to know that.

I emailed them to let them know.

helpful tutorial & i like it a lot.

I am glad that you like this post @mahadihasanzim.

Can I use this theme to blogger.com? If not, I request you to post similar article for blogger.com Thanks for sharing.

No, this is only for self-hosted WordPress blog. I do not use blogger or wordpress.com so I can't make a tutorial on them @sayemsonai.

Interesting tool though I don't use wordpress. I used blogger for a few years, a few years ago, but stopped blogging. Now I'm on Steemit!

Thank you for your comment @zhuwa.

The important thing for you is to be alert, to question, to find out, so that your own initiative may be awakened @gmichelbkk, I salute you sir..

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