Is Your PC Or Laptop USB 3.00 Supported? Check Easily,,, Peasy Tutorial! 😊

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Hello Guys,
USB 3 Supported devices are 10x faster than USB 2.00 devices. For that reason, let's check your pc or laptop for usb 3.00 supported or not.

1. First, press windows key + R LqgI1xFoBoBv9_TBn71vTu5bJnOpiB6qbhmSrlttuFwmCYIcoFBU2WOZG4l80xvmEU-l1eA4KJx6GrVcEPQ17Rbz2hf4ZX9olpxzd1zO2vVnNa6bw5I7oNRKHnTjpIuCMa2HAlJ0.png

In the dialogue box, type-

devmgmt.msc & press enter


2. Now follow the lead>>>

Device Manager> Universal Serial Bus controllers

3. If you find Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller- 1.0 (Microsoft) or something like that, then you can sure that your pc or laptop is USB 3.0 supported and you can use USB 3.0 devices.


Method- 2:

► First, check your Pc or Laptop USB port. If you find blue color usb port then it is USB 3.00 supported port.



💗 Thanks for reading 💗

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