One day trip to Phuket

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I spend almost the whole day at the island of Phuket a week or two ago.

Yes, almost a day 😂

I went the on one day and came back to Pattaya on another one.

It was the shortest trip for such distance.

I haven't even been to the beach. I did but I didn't swim.

I even didn't have a swimsuit because the decision to fly there was so unexpected 🙈

But I really enjoyed my tiny journey!


A short but a good one.

Actually, I've been already 3 times there (counting the last one-day holiday😜) but I can't say anything about Phuket.

All my trips were either extremely short or full of other distracting factors:)

So I definitely need to go there back.

Have you been to Phuket?


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💕 From Thailand with love
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Что там в светлой дали?

Beautiful photos. The only time I was in Asia, I visited Tokyo, Hong Kong and Macau. Maybe one day I'll go again to Asia... But it's so far and expensive. I tend to stay in Europe. 😉

I haven't been to Tokyo but I dream about Japan😊

Macau and Hong Kong are great cities, maybe just a bit expensive :)

It's the same for me with going Europe. Far and expensive 😜

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My favourite place in the Kingdom. Only this island and places around. My first trip to Thailand was in 1996)))

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Where is it? :)

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Mai Khao beach, always deserted,11 km long. Most north-west beach of the island. In the end of the beach (closer to the right edge of the picture) is an airport runaways. But i like Bang Tao beach too. It is located in the centre of the west coast

Bang Tao. beautiful enough quiet beach, not a lot of people

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I have to visit it one day:)

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Gosh you really can never get tired of the views in phuket I can tell you that much, I miss exploring the place so much!

Europe is good as well:)

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Caramba que lindas fotos,ese paisaje maravilloso,y que linda donde aparecen dos invitados los perros quedaron super,saludos y feliz Domingo

Cool...I want feel this warm water there 😋😋👍👌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 and it looks you had cool day there.

I did :) "
Thank you 😊
Here's some warm water for you 💦

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Thanx 😊👍👌 I take it .

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