Pictures from Tsukiji Fish Market

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I really miss Japan, especially after looking at my 1 - 2k photos taken in Tokyo.

Here are some of the photos taken at Tsukiji Fish Market.

This is the current Tsukiji fish market and i heard it will be relocated sometime this year.

It's sad because then my pictures would not be relevant anymore LOL. I guess i gotta go again to take new photos!

They have lots of these models of food. Most restaurants in Japan have these outside as display. Very realistic indeed.

The food at Tsukiji is no doubt the freshest.

I don't normally eat sashimi (apart from salmon and tuna) so it was a little weird for me.

Two things i definitely do not like: sea urchin and those big fish roe.

At the end of the day i still prefer deep fried food.

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I hear ya, man. @siren87 and I have been obsessing about going back to Japan since we got back from there back in September of 2016.

And that's also why we're going again end of this month! Got to catch the Tsukiji fish market in all its glory before they move!

Great pics, man. Hope you get to go again soon when they relocate

Eh the last time you commented i thought after that you went already haha.

Enjoy the trip! I need crypto to go up to start travelling again

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