TSLA above $400

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Tesla stock had a crazy run. Basically doubled up over the last 6 month.

It is now at the top of its range which exist since about 2017.

Overall i think it is time for the stock to establish a new range, which should be at least double where we are right now.

Fundamentally there is a lot that has changed since 2017 mainly:

  • the model 3 and all other products are a huge success
  • absolute domination against traditional brands where it does compete
  • weak competition in its EV area. Basically no other car maker can create something that competes with tesla.
  • new factories and products about to go online, which should enable the company to keep growing at 50-100% per year.
  • only car company that can grow significantly


Technically the stock aint cheap.

It would also be weird to just keep blowing though this resistance after doubling in 6 month, without much fundamental change in this timeframe

So I am a bit lost. I can’t really bring myself to dump the stock as the potential imho for a 10x increase long term and a doubling medium term is highest for this company vs any other.

I will watch and see where it takes us

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This is wave 3 so you can expect some crazy shit to happen...
I don't know how good your understanding of waves is, but if this is wave 1 of 3, we aint seen nothing yet.
We could see it drop in wave 2 to 275, only to skyrocket to 640 afterwards.
(1.61x of wave 1 of 3)

Yea man.

I was lucky enough to buy a chunk at 190 after the dump but sold 90% of it at 225 for a trade and am free rolling the rest. Its still tempting to sell the little I have left after watching this move but what I have left is for the long-term.

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Those printed USD (by FED) need to go somewhere ;)


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i wonder how far they can go they have crazy list of announcements coming up year after year

Technicals aren't driving this stock, it's purely speculation that they will deliver on promises IMO. Now being that they have been pulling permits for fencing to hide more solar roof tests and looks like they will deliver on this on top of proving the ability to ramp up car production...I feel like very good things around coming.

Now I also feel like a pull back only makes sense. Drop of 15-20% and then back up as some people will lock in profits, then others will see the opportunity to get in on Tesla.

To me this is a stock that behaves a little differently in part because it's owned by a lot of individual investors. Which meas technical info isn't the only driving factor. It's a fact, individuals are much more emotional in their investing "strategy" then the institutional money. Individuals will reward companies with a good story these days...the younger generation isn't purely about corporate greed. They all love that Tesla is trying to change the world's carbon footprint. Lots of that generation are starting to accumulate $$$ to invest and they aren't about buying as much stuff. Very good for companies like Tesla long term IMO.

Good info