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Hello, friends!

Looking back to my post a few days ago, I invited you all to join with me to try something new in the week to come - and I wanted to fill you guys in on what I tried as my contribution to the challenge!

For my very own step outside my comfort zone, I went to try out a “Ninja” course! I’d like to think our friend and resident badass @aussieninja would’ve been proud :)

If any of you are not yet familiar with what that is, a Ninja course is basically a very challenging obstacle course that contains a series of different elements that you move through designed to test your strength, agility, balance, and other physical skills. It has a lot of gymnastic characteristics, which I am particularly inexperienced with but was excited to try!

I went with my boyfriend Chris and three of our friends, and took turns attempting all of the elements… I laughed so much I lost my voice!

I am bummed to say that I wasn’t able to take any of my own pictures or videos of the action because a) the place is filled with trampolines, foam pits, and obstacles that have you upside-down, all things not phone-friendly haha, and b) we went at a time when all the lights had been turned off and only blacklight and some neon illuminated the place… It made for a cool look, but definitely added to the challenge and made documenting the experience next to impossible!

The course we went to is at an indoor park called DojoBoom, here are a couple photos from their website:




Here is the link to their full site: Website Check it our if you want to see even more pictures of their full gym!

Although I would consider myself a decently fit, active, and body-aware person, this was a HUGE challenge for me! I realized quickly just how heavy my body is, and how difficult maneuvering it through all of the various obstacles was - it was not only difficult for my body, but my brain as well!

I loved trying to figure out how to move efficiently and conquer the segments of the course one by one. Since I’m not used to holding up my body in those ways (soooo much time under tension, upper body, grip, and finger strength is required), I found myself fatigued almost immediately, which added another layer to the challenge!

So apparently the course we went to, which is in Thousand Oaks, California, was basically put together for one of the best “Ninja Warrior” competitors in the world to use for training - and he was there when we were! His name is Kevin Bull, and he was on the show we have here called American Ninja Warrior, got super far and is a well respected and loved competitor! :) He was there working on a particularly difficult obstacle, but in between attempts he was kind enough to help us out, teach us a few things, and show us how he moves through the course - it was incredible to watch!

Anyway, I worked on the course with my group for an hour but I could’ve stayed all day! It was exhausting but exhilarating, and so much fun to attempt! I knew from the few Ninja competitions I’d seen on TV that it was going to be tough, but it was still even harder than I’d imagined - such a humbling and entertaining adventure :)

I thought I’d be pretty sore from all of that upper body exertion, but I actually feel great… I wish it was closer to my house so I could try again soon!

I would consider this week’s #trysomething to be a huge success! I learned, I laughed, and I got some exercise - all the things I love packed into a new and exciting experience :)

What did you try this week? Make sure to let me know, I’d love to hear your story!

Please feel free to comment, upvote, or resteem if you’d like - and join the #trysomething challenge! :)

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nice place


It's pretty cool, huh? I'd never seen anything like it before! :)


yes. from the pictures it looks like some kind of videogame

This is in Cali? It looks incredible... It was always weird to me that LA was American Ninja Warrior's biggest show, but there was no real ninja gym there... they have Tempest in the valley, and a dude's impressive backyward gym, but this looks incredible.

Kevin Bull is easily one of the best in the world, and one of the nicest too. He tends to be pretty shy during the big comps though... I like that.. I'm so glad you had a great time. Was there obstacle you particularly liked? Or anything that seemed impossible?


Yeah! This is in Thousand Oaks, which is basically the super northern LA area, quite suburban... The gym itself is in an outdoor shopping mall thing with stores and restaurants - it's next door to a toy store and an ice cream shop haha :) That is pretty weird that they don't have a big ninja gym down by the big LA comp, I thought such a huge city would have more opportunity for that sort of thing... I wish you could've been there with us, it was so much fun!

Honestly, we were so blown away by how nice Kevin Bull was. He was totally generous with his time, was so patient and helpful, and totally humble. What a badass, too! I like that he is shy during the comps too, soft-spoken yet amazingly talented and skilled - my kind of athlete!

I really liked the rings that you try to advance by swinging and hanging them on pegs... I would've loved to have more time on that one! Also, the giant metal rings that you have to kip and fly to catch the next one were really fun :) I found the flat, angled plexiglass squares that you have to grip with your fingers to be super tough! There were two, and I made it to the second one but my fingers were so tired I ate shit before I could get all the way past it haha :)

What kind of obstacles are your favorites? Which are hardest for you? I can totally understand how this has become a passion for you - it's so hard and SO fun!!! :)

This is nice. You really led by example.
I couldn't try something new last week, but I hope to do such this week, preferably traveling to a new place with awesome features.
You are an inspiration, thanks @annemariemay


Thank you, my friend! :)

That sounds awesome - I'd love to hear about your adventures! Thanks so much for the support and kind words, and I hope you have a great week!


Thanks a lot. I'll surely update you.
Do have a wonderful week ahead

Oh Gosh... this must be Paradies!
Havent found such a place in my entire Area but your post really encourages me to go on searching :D
as i start to believe im a monkey born to a human body! :p
would love to see how you rock thouse pacours :)