TRX Claiming Issue - an update

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We have been delighted with the fantastic response from the community to the recent integration of TRX and Steemit.

Unfortunately since 14:00 on December 8th, 2020(UTC time) the claiming of TRX in has not been working.

This has understandably been causing some confusion and disappointment among users.

Immediately we became aware of the issue our Engineering Team began working on it with the highest priority.

They have identified the cause of the problem and the fix is now being finalized and tested.

We expect normal TRX claiming to be available again by 10:00 AM on 10th Dec. 2020(UTC).

Please be assured that no TRX rewards will be lost or missed.

If you have experienced any other issues with the TRX integration before this problem started please try these steps…

  • Log into with your Active Key - do not use any auth tool like Keychain.

  • Access with a different browser such as Firefox, Edge or Opera.

  • Refresh the page and try again.

Further updates will be coming soon so if you still have issues please be patient and keep following @steemitblog.

If you have a new issue that has not been mentioned before please leave a comment below with as much detail as possible. Please include a description of the issue and information about how you are accessing Steemit - PC or mobile, and which browser.

Our great apologies for these issues with the TRX claiming.

We hope they have not lessened your enthusiasm for this great new advance in the Steemit / Tron ecosystem.

Thank you for your understanding,

The Steemit Team


Hi @steemitblog. There is Again Issues by the claim. no transactions going to the trx wallet.


@steemblog: At the moment, the claim TRX reward does not work. You can resteem Trx reward but it does not update in the Trx wallet. 2 hour has passed.

Help me @hanhtran iam also having same problem my trx balance still zero plz tell me what I can do now..?

Now, you can only wait fixed system.

@steemitblog @steemchiller
I observed that TRX claiming is not working from 3-4 days. Please, look into the matter and updates status.

It looks like sometimes the rewards come in a bit later, but they are never lost completely. Maybe the script is hanging at some point and needs to be restarted. Best would be to detect such state and restart it automatically.

@ety001 Do you know more about this?

The balance of account which is used to send TRX rewards was empty several days ago.
Now the balance is ok.
But the sending rewards queue has a lot of tasks.
I think it will take 2 or 3 days to reduce the length of queue.

Thanks @steemchiller, I understand the things more clearly after @ety001 reply. Look like, we don't have automatic TRX balance system in pool. So this situation occurs, we have to watch manually. Not so good for commitment for TRX reward.
Lets hope for better functioning all the time.

Yeah, we're trying to optimize the distribution program.

TRX of the previous three days has not been issued, please fix the relevant problems in time. Otherwise, such an unstable state of operation is irresponsible to the community.

As @ety001 stated, they are already working on optimizing the distribution process ;)

We expect normal TRX claiming to be available again by 10:00 AM on 10th Dec. 2020(UTC).

I have claimed over 50 TRX since December 26, 2020. My balance is still empty.

yet still it doesnt work.
the solution - login without keychain?
such tech
much support

Un cordial saludo @steemitblog. Soy nuevo usuario, a la verdad que no e tenido ningún problema, con la instalación de TRX. Y me gustaría hacerle una sola pregunta al respecto, para el cobro de las recompensas.Cual seria la vía porque no aparece esa opinión, en la casa de cambio, orinoco. Ya que esta casa de cambio es la que e venido usando para el cambio de mis recompensas.

En cuanto a lo personal, yo me siento muy agradecido con steemit por la oportunidad. Que me han dado de participar en tan valiosa plataforma, el cual su único propósito es el de recompensar asus participantes, es por ello que cada dia en mis publicaciones, me esmero, para lograr obtener un rapido crecimiento en dicha plataforma.

I will wait patiently for the system to return to normal. Thank you for sharing this helpful information @steemitblog


Creo que es normal que este tipo de cosas suceda al inicio de cualquier sistema que se esté implementando, lo importante es que están solventando la situación y que nuestras monedas están a salvo, así que no hay de que preocuparse. Gracias por siempre mantener informada a la comunidad sobre los acontecimientos a la orden del día.

Vaya, yo no he detallado si en mi monedero hay problemas jejeje tendré que echar un vistazo más de cerca.

Sin embargo, es genial que el equipo esté atento y trabajando por el bienestar de la comunidad. Y que estén informando estos detalles haciéndolos de dominio público.

Steemit y Tron adelante!!!

#onepercent #venezuela #affable

Oh, thanks for keeping us updated about this matter. Some of us was really confused. Now, they know the cause and will wait for the issue to be solved.

Thank you for sharing.

Please let us know if you still face any issue, thanks.

The Steemit Team

Our great apologies for these issues with the TRX claiming.

We trust you, these problems always arise especially at the beginning, thank you for this huge effort. Good teamwork

Thanks God the issue has been resolved

Todo comienzo siempre tendrá algunas fallas, lo importante es que ya están resolviendo... ¡éxitos!

Thanks for the update. I think everything is working perfectly now.

Thank you very much!

Saya lihat lancar-lancar saja, namun klaim TRX untuk terlihat di wallet sedikit lebih lama daripada Steem.

Saya tidak mengalami masalah lain, hanya itu saja yang terjadi saat ini. Thanks

Keeping everyone updated on the issues is a good practice and I commend the steemit team for that wonderful action.

Thank you for the feedback. It's normal to have some problems during implementation of new features.

Es normal las fallas y ajustes. Pero ya se ve el ajuste que estan haciendo. ¿Una pregunta desaparece la moneda de steem? ya no la veo en las ganancias o solo se transformara poco a poco?
Bendiciones @steemitblog

Failures and adjustments are normal. But you can see the adjustment they are making. A question does the steem coin disappear? I no longer see in the profits or will it only transform little by little?
Blessings @steemitblog

Good afternoon, where can one report an abuse, in hive they have and they take care of it, but here what account can one report to Nomalia? thanks!

Hello, thanks for updating, yes, I had realized the small problem that there was but now that it is solved, I am very happy.

I have a question, how do I transfer the money from tron ​​to my account? Can somebody help me? Please

@steemitblog this a very good news.
I am glad that the development team are at their best trying to fix things up on steemit, so that everyone will enjoy with comfort our new system of operation here.
Thank you for all you do foe the smooth running of steemit community.
Beat regards

Fantastic it works now

Thank you for all your hard work. I didn't know others also have this problem. I thought the problem was with my phone. 😅

Thank you for this update.

Steem on.

I see claimed TRX in my Steemit Wallet but not in my TronWallet...

It is great that the issue is solved. Let's hope for greater advancement for both steem and TRX with crypto being hot in the market now.

Hola debemos esperar con paciencia y se que ustedes están resolviendo el problema, así que no hay que ponerse triste sino seguir adelante trabajando y motivándonos cada día mas todo cambio es para bien.

I hope and believe it will working great again

The TRX claim flaw on disappeared but was spawned again.

the claim TRX reward does not work.

Buenas tardes, desde el día lunes estoy intentando reclamar una recompensa en una de mis publicaciones y aún me dice pago pendiente.Entro a la billetera y el sección de vástago me sale en 0. Que puede estar pasando????

Puedo comprar steem en un exchange como binance y ingresarlos a esta plataforma para generar steempower

I have lost my previous TRON downloaded pdf that contained TRON public & private key. Yesterday I updated TRON account, they provided me new pdf. Before updating my account was held 738 trx. But trx is zero now. How can I recover those trx?

once you lose your previous private keys of your TRX, it is gone forever.

Every time when you click "update account" it actually generates new address with new PDF, and replaced it in the link to Steemit. Therefore ALWAYS keep your PDFs. I have learned it the hard way before.

Thank you for the update @steemitblog, I think it happened today again. Usually TRX is updated like 15 minutes later (give and take), but I haven't been collecting and this round it was one shot collecting my Steem, SBD and TRX (around 4 TRX); however TRX had not collecting status.
At the point of this comment, 41 minutes has passed.

It isn't a huge amount, but it does worry some people who are relying on the system.

ps: I did not login with keychain.

I really happy to see this news. Steemit is always best and share their internal news to keep tension free. Thanks a lot for share this news @steemitblog

Some users in our community have encountered this problem.There was no immediate cure.

Many thanks for taking quick action on the issue.

Thanks The steemit team.


Don't worry it will be fix soon. 😊

Thank you for sharing.

Please let us know if you still face any issue, thanks.

The Steemit Team

This is @sbm-store Account. There have 20 TRX


Step 1


Step 2


Then I've lost 20 TRX


@eh-shohag and @ns-porosh has faced this problem.

They had TRX in their account before. That has become zero. After updating the TRX account..

Yeah. TRX rewards still aren't working very well... :/

I've never had any problems. I was also able to make a small transfer of TRX to my personal TRON wallet

Hi @steemitblog I am having problem with trx claiming no transaction going to my trx wallet my trx wallet is still zero

@steemblog: this issue continues happening again. No Trx was claimed in my wallet. When will this issue finish?

Thank you for this update. I believe it might have been bothering some people but with this, it will help them to be calmed down.

We believe it will be resolved

It's been 24 hours and I still haven't received the rewards in TRX (see link below). I hope this problem can be resolved soon.

Uploading image #1...

Although I have good steempower till date no tron is received. It is still at 0. Also any exchanges where I can sell my sbd. Tried bitrex but not working.

Terimakasih untuk informasi ini.

Que bueno que se dieron cuenta, gracias por buscar solucionarlo pronto, por lo demás estaremos atentos a cualquier inconveniente que se pueda presentar y estamos tranquilos al saber que están al pendiente.

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