TRON (TRX) integration is an encouragement for come-back to Steemit Platform

in #trxintegrationlast year (edited)

I really like this TRX (TRON) integration with Steemit.

Exactly 1 year back, I lost touch with the Steemit platform. Stopped posting and became a super-duper inactive user. Even though I was having a positive balance in my Steemit wallet account coming back to Steemit as an active user was a challenge for me.

But now TRON integration is the biggest encouragement for a good come-back. We can earn TRX tokens for steemit posts. That is good news.

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About #trxintegration challenge: @steemitblog I'm so excited. But sorry I do not have time to write 400 words now. It is OK, if I don't participate in the challenge. But this change made very much happy for a good come-back.

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