Definition Of Truth And Absolute Truth.

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For years I have had frustrating conversations with my Dad here about truth - he insists that there is no truth and I know that it is true that his proposition is nonsense ;) - So here are my thoughts on what truth actually is!

Are U in Truth? Is Truth in U?


Definition of truth

Interestingly, if we look at the meaning of the word truth in a common online dictionary we see something that often makes little sense:

plural truths play \ˈtrüt͟hz, ˈtrüths
1 a (1) : the body of real things, events, and facts : actuality
(2) : the state of being the case : fact

Comment: This sounds fine until it is noticed that not everyone agrees about what these 'facts' are. There is an aspect of subjectivity that is missing in this definition.

(3) often capitalized : a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality

Comment: I would call this 'absolute truth' - however, some might be put off by the use of the word 'spiritual' here since they do not define that they themselves are a spirit.

b : a judgment, proposition, or idea that is true or accepted as true

Comment: Judgements, by definition are inaccurate - they are specifically a filling in of the gaps with what will ALWAYS be partially untrue since it is ultimately a form of guesswork. So, no, judgements are not synonymous with the truth. Just because I say something is true does not make it true.

c : the body of true statements and propositions

Comment: This is almost meaningless.. It is like saying that truth is truth.

2 a : the property (as of a statement) of being in accord with fact or reality

Comment: Now we are getting closer to something that is useful - however, again - there is no mention of WHOSE reality is in question. There is an assumption/judgement being made here that there is only one reality - when in (my) truth we all experience our own realities that converge.

c : fidelity to an original or to a standard

Comment: This refers to a situation when one thing has already been defined and another thing is replicating it - so we see that 'truth is 'accuracy' in a sense.

3 a : sincerity in action, character, and utterance

Comment: Sincerity is basically a synonym for true in Dictionaries, so this definition is somewhat pointless.

So we have the general concept defined here that truth is where thinking and perhaps action are aligned accurately to something. This is why we use the word 'true' in woodworking, to describe a situation where a cut or action is aligned perfectly to the intended outcome.

Confusion of Truth

Twisted up in this is a confusion whereby we can align our 'truth' to our own intentions of many different kinds. A kick of a ball could result in the ball 'flying true' to our goal. However, if our intention is dishonest then we can hold true to our dishonesty and still in actuality be expressing UNtruth. The issue here is that we have a subjective truth and an absolute truth - which many people appear to have not dug deeply enough into to know/feel the difference.

In the case my Father, he basically doesn't think that absolute truth exists - which he confusingly defines as 'truth does not exist' - since he presumes that if an individual has their own truth, it isn't really worth all that much - since they have created it.

What he is missing is a useful pathway to the core of beingness that points us to absolute truth discovery.

Absolute Truth?

A Subjective truth is one which is internal to an individual and which isn't necessarily shared by others. For example, I might think that 'everyone likes apples' because everyone I have ever met did actually like apples - however, someone else may completely disagree due to the differences in their own experiences.

For me:

absolute truth and absolute reality are that which can repeatedly be discovered by any who seek it, once they have ended denial - the rest is subjective truth and subjective reality.

The word 'absolute' is defined as:

Perfect in quality or nature; complete

So absolute truth is a truth which has no gaps and which therefore must include a connection to the very core and essence of life itself. Many have claimed that such truth cannot be found because either 'only God can understand' or 'life is infinite' or other such ideas. You only need look now at the realisation that 'You exist' is ABSOLUTELY true - to find out how we can approach this quest in a simple way to begin.

You do indeed exist, since if you did not exist you could not even be contemplating the issue. Anyone who holds the thought that they exist can rest assured that they are absolutely correct.

Beingness, then, can be said to be at the heart/core of absolute truth.

What else is completely true?

You will find that by starting inside of self, you can find many things that are absolutely true - such as that you think, you feel, you move, you experience and so on.

Only those who hold denials will think/believe that they do not exist or that they do not experience/think etc.

Self acceptance as a doorway to absolute truth

Since our own experiential reality (which some might call 'subjective') is actually our entry point to absolute truth, we need to be sure that what we are thinking and feeling and imagining are fully understood by us. As long as we think incorrect thoughts about our own thinking process, about our thoughts and also our emotions - we will not be able to grasp any more absolute truth and will be forced back into subjectivity that others are not going to be able to repeatedly discover in their own way.

In order for us to be clear about our own thinking and feeling we MUST be fully self accepting. As soon as we reject parts of ourselves, we block out part of their message and our thoughts/emotions will be veiled, even to us - to some extent.

The majority of people that I am aware of, have never even attempted to deliberately evolve into a state of full self acceptance, so automatically the majority have hidden denials and thus can only reach a certain amount of absolute truth and reality. This often leads to 'disagreements' and arguments.

Since a lack of self acceptance doesn't feel good, the people involved tend to be uncomfortable and thus are likely to be argumentative anyway. This powder keg combination of discomfort and the resulting aggression, mixed in with subjective truth held (sometimes) as absolute truth - is one which is very common on Earth and is causing a great deal of suffering for most of us.

What else is absolutely true?

There are many absolute truths that relate to energy, self, emotions, thoughts, imagination, the cosmos, potentiality, manifestation, bodies in the universe and so on. One interesting observation I have made is that while I can explain to anyone what I understand to be absolute truth, it will generally only become (at best) a subjective truth in the other person until they have had experiences that show them whether I am right or not. Therefore, there is only a limited value in anyone attempting to describe absolute truth to others (in many cases).

I will say this though, it is absolutely true that by allowing absolute truth to be real for you and by being open to its discovery - you serve yourself in the highest possible way (that I know of). :)

Wishing you well,

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There are three levels of truths (and i am unsure if i have their names correct)

  1. Universal truths
  2. Absolute truths
  3. Relative truths

One of the biggest problems about truths is that the universe is not solid, repeatable and knowable.

We perceive a very small portion of our world.
As in our eyes see only a tiny portion of the EM spectrum.
So it is the same with all of our other senses, including time(s).

If you could actually read into people's minds, you would see they have different memories of the same happening. And sometimes you can't even reconstitute a single happening out of the memories. It is "like" they had two completely different experiences. But they swear they were at the same time and same place.

So, what does that do to the scientific principal?

And to further make this confusing, another level of truths are seemingly contradictory. Such as:
You have to give up life to live. (or you can't be completely safe, and live life)

Universal truths are in the realm that most people do not believe, such as:
You create your own universe. (or, your thoughts attract)

For me, there are universal truths, such as 'you exist' - however, beyond the simple 'you exist' level of things, these truths require us to be more and more open/healed for us to accept and know. However, in a pure sense they can still be categorised as absolute truth or as relative/subjective truth for those who do not yet know them to be absolute.

A particular set I find interesting are the 4 laws from Bashar:

  1. You exist.
  2. The all are the one, the one is the all.
  3. What you put out is what you get back.
  4. Everything changes, except for the first 3 laws ;)

Is there any truth in this post? 😛

Absolutely! :)

Is it absolute or ? 😎

BTW I was not surprised to see only one comment on philosophical article LOL

Sadly, I know that many people have no interest in truth currently. Maybe those who are interested in truth already feel they know the truth enough not to read about it. :)

I could ask now 'But what is the truth?' and we could go in infinite conversation without any conclusion in the end. 🤣 🤣 🤣

I completely agree, there are absolutes.
As absolute truth. The self acceptance love will lead the way. Always a pleasure to read your articles. Absolutely great.