If you want to to see Faith Goldy on Steemit and Dtube check it out!

in truth •  last year

If you remember The Rebel Media you probably know who Faith Goldy is, but you may not know she was fired from The Rebel Media for doing an "alt right" podcast interview about the Charlottesville culture clash orchestrated by George Soros. Since that time we have not heard much from this incredible woman who has a really important voice in our time.

Her friend and past co-worker, Lauren Southern (another amazing woman), recently posted a you tube video, together with Faith, to plug Faith's new you tube channel and encourage Faith to go independent, and to encourage her fans to feed the flames.
I went a step further and created @faithgoldy to tempt this amazing reporter to also begin adding content to steemit and D-tube in a way that eliminates both censorship and loss of content.
If you are a fan of Faith Goldy, and Steemit / D-tube, please look up the post, follow the account and through whatever means possible encourage her to accept the account as my gift and begin feeding us all good content. If you believe women can be strong, beautiful, bad assed, intelligent, articulate, famine all at the same time, support this voice.

Follow her soon to be amazing Steemit content filled account @


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