Some Chase Money, Others Want True Freedom.

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While many out there are in the never ending illusion of "getting rich" with paper or plastic or any other form of man made currencies, there are many out there who are looking for true freedom.

What do I mean by true freedom?

Well, it is the exact opposite of what these slaves to the currencies are.

No matter what currency we are talking about, when a human enslaves themselves to something material which has absolutely zero value except for the imaginary value placed upon it by those who waste their lives running and dancing around it and all in line with the notes of the the music composed by others who use it to control lives and dictate events, there can be no real "freedom".

Although many of us do look at life on this earth and see that we humans have created an evil, a monstrosity that shall without any doubt be the tool with which evil persons shall destroy the vast majority of our species. There is still hope for many.
We can use some of the technology in place against such tyranny and totalitarianism.

No, I am not exaggerating.

Just have a look at the following:


Some refer to the prophecies of the ancient scripts from thousands of years ago.

Some to Nostradamus.

Some to Stephen Hawking.

idk. What difference does it make as to what prophetic scriptures or predictions one refers to, when it is happening right in front of our very eyes, in real time.

Seriously, where is the logic in the "denial"?

All I can say is the following:

"I am not a number, I am a free man"

& to add to that, any tools out there so as to ensure my family live through the evils of man kind, the evils that people are willing to do all in the name of an imaginary figure assigned to them, or dare I say 'their number'.

Blockchain technology and the dark web for now, do offer alternatives to those evils, if we start thinking along the lines of humanity and not the sins that have gotten us to this phase of events in which "money makes the world go round".

Think about it.


Yours truly,

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But I want my 911 dark vader black turbo Porsche ;)

With all the James Bond extras on it too!



Biohax, what a name for a Big Brother company.

I will not let them put one of those chips in me.

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"Cashless society"

Not really an option, unless you ensure that you have a means to "barter" or "trade" using means that are not something "conventional" to the institutions that seek total and utter control.
Even then it can't and definitely won't be easy to avoid "thy system" and those who will sell you out in a heartbeat.

Always an option just might be somewhat difficult to get around it.

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