Introducing ... The Stuff (or Shit) They Don't Want You To Know About Department (TSTDWYTKAD #0000)

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(An intro or prologue of sorts)

Bob’s sorry ass has decided to start putting out things that have been banging and bumping around his head these last 15 years or so. He's spent countless hours looking at all kinds of topics, trying to figure out the state of the world, how things really operate, who we are, where we come from, etc. It’s a never ending journey, the more one keeps digging.

It takes some doing and effort, and it's not just the time alone, but also trying to put it all together and make sense of the messy mosaic, and undoing long-held indoctrinated beliefs that just aren't true once you spend the time really check it out for yourself. For certain, they ain’t be teaching us this stuff in skool [sic], and for good reason.

BNB will be trying to keep these posts short. They are just an initial, jump-off point for anybody interested to dig deeper on their own. Most of these topics have a ton of sources to look at, so any one particular area can keep one busy for a very long time. All you need is the desire, time, the ability to look, and then bake real slow with some logic and critical thinking in the mix.

Guaranteed, along the way, there will be topics some are aware of, others not, and a few incredulous whoppers you may not believe initially (or ever). That is on you.

There are informed and hard-working folks out there that have boned up on countless topics and have shared their work, so all that will be going on here this side will be a few introductory, framing words and pointing to stuff hiding out there in plain sight.

To premise all this, one needs to be open to the possibility that nothing is like it seems in this world, as we are taught, told, and never really question. Our guy Jordan Maxwell is on the money in this short snippet about laws, government, corporations, institutions, banking and religions.

It will take time to comprehend everything he touches on above. We will cover those off eventually in future posts. Words are a "sword." Just move the "s" around and you are there. There will be more on folks like him, as agents of truth, partial truths, mis- and dis-information. This is important to the discovery process.

Not sure yet how frequent these posts will be (i.e., daily, weekly or otherwise) since this is just the start. If a few can be thrown out there in a week, hey, so be it. We gonna be operating on the principles of doing so when feeling inspired and time allows, as Bob be busy doing other things with his life.

The first "unofficial" TSTDWYTKAD can be found at Getting all "newsy" and it's as good a place as any to start the journey, since many rely on that mainstream outlet for finding out about what's going on out there. For the sake of sequencing and keeping the series together, it has now been reposted as TSTDWYTKAD #0001 - The News.

Stuff in the series will generally be covered off in no particular order or importance priority. Ultimately though, everything comes together and is interconnected, as some may come to figure that all out in time.

The more one comes to unearth, and digest, then one increasingly needs a sense of humor in this world we are in, because … the joke (and deception) is all on we (m)asses.

So we’ll try and do this with a little humor along the way now and again.

There’s no agenda here apart from just wanting to get information out on what has been found along the way, and for folks to do whatever they want with any, parts, or all of it.

Last, as an added bonus, cuz BNB digs music a lot, a random tune will be pulled each time from his personal, deep-dive, digital-crate-diggin’ archive to close things off. So, hey, even if you don’t want to consider all the other stuff thrown your way and have a think for yourself, you can listen to this.

The aim is to put out sumpin' you won't hear on the radio, or even those mainstream online streaming services typically, unless you're on the hunt. But ... you don't have to do or like that either.

Amadou et Mariam – Bara (Joaquin’s Sacred Rhythm Dance)
Afrobeat / Afro Funk / Mali
Release: Bara (12") | Sacred Rhythm Music [BARA 003] (2009)

Pax vobiscum, and ciao for now.

The Stuff (or Shit) They Don't Want You To Know About Department (aka TSTDWYTKAD)

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