LATE NIGHT RAW THOUGHTS: Growing Pains + The Truth Can Hurt But It's Necessary

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To get to the next level your spirit has to be stretched. Don't be discouraged by the growing pains. Promotion is a process.  - Thema Davis

Come chill with me. I like to speak as if it's just me and the camera.  A dose of good transparency

Awareness Is The Greatest Agent For Change  -Eckhart Tolle

Droppin Them Nuggets

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Hannah (Remember Who You Are)


You are so correct, no one wants to hear the truth. Funny thing, I always tell the truth and that's probably why I don't have a lot of friends. Ha! I tell you what though, those few friends that I do have the same qualities that I do. They tell me the truth no matter what. I'm so hard headed and stubborn and I LOVE my other half so much because he tells me when I'm being hard headed and stubborn. Ha! I love your videos, please keep posting them.

Me too @stephiesawyer. I even cannot really get along with my sister because I am always honest. If she asks me what I think about her dress, and I don't like it: I just say: Well, It's not my kind of dress, but if you like it, then you have to wear it. She seems not to want to hear that. Or when she makes a certain decision in her life and I have a different opinion and say it, it seems she tries to take distance for a while....

@fathin-shihab At least she is honored to have someone who is so honest and raw with her Goddess! <3

Thank you so much for taking your time to watch my videos and so glad you have another half that helps you in your personal development journey! <3 @stephiesawyer

I saw your post in my facebook group Seemit Community. I have decided to upvote it for its quality. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for your sharing @awarenessraiser

You're welcome and thank you for watching :)

Always so good words girl! keep in that awarenism!!!!!

Thank you for your support! :)

I want to add that sometimes in order to fix things the hardest things need to be done. Great post.

Spot on! Sometimes the best choices are the hardest ones to make <3

Yeah, you got it. A lot of people aren't ready to hear the truth and if you blast them with it, they'll put up a wall. So you got to kinda feel your way in. Sometimes only after repeated blows of reality, do they become open enough to seek answers. After awhile one starts to question why certain patterns keep occurring. Then awareness becomes more tangible and one becomes more attuned to what attention and intention they are bringing into the mix. I once joked with my friend after he told me I was so stubborn. I don't him I'm not really here, I'm just a reflection of you. Sorry, I blabbed, lol!

Love your awareness level and how you phrased your comment! I agree completely :)!

I don't have a lot friends because I speak the truth. However, the friends I do have...are REAL. Love this post girrrrrrl. You're awesome. Embrace the power of self realization.

girrrrrrl haha (:
Having friends who tell you what you need to hear rather than just what you want to hear is such a blessing!

thanks for share,,,

Gotta go get. So I'ma go get it. 😉

You sound like T.I. haha (;

On point. Thank you @awarenessraiser :)

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Much Love!

Thank you so much!! Blessings and love your way! :)

Thank you! :)

You got truth you are a virus... heres a secret... the blockchain wants us....

ayeeeeee preach bro preach! :D

You can speak so easily with/to the videocamera, very good!... I myself find it weird when I speak to a lens :-D. I would like to make some vlogs....but I feel like talking to a thing and not to people.

Thank you so much!! I am such a big fan of yours and how creative you are with your 3D designs! You are an inspiration truly! <3

Thanks dear! 😙

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You covered a lot of ground here lol.


I've always had this way of breaking a person down so to speak to really get to their truth. Normally truths they didn't know about and often ones they really did not want to hear. Something just clicks ya know? It is sensed deeply when they are asking for these truths without saying the words directly.

Ridding yourself of excuses will free so much. I did a post about it and almost couldn't stop writing lol.


To really know or love a person you really need to be conscious of them enough to either drop them entirely or wave them away when close to that person. (the first being ideal).

It can be difficult not to bring that neural implantation to the next relationship, because it never truly goes away. However it is vastly important to allow grass to grow over those roads so they will not appear as a place to drive down.

100 100 real talk ! Thank you for boosting my morality. I grew up always thinking I had to go the extra mile in everything I do because I felt when people looked at me the could tell I was another fatherless child. So there was always this need to go above and beyond every call of duty. And for the longest this worked for me. I enjoyed the high praises, so much that when I finally did encounter a not so pleasant life experience with my son's father, I did everything in my power to hide behind this false identity of whom I created. I hide into the fan turned and directly flew the ish in my face. And as much as I wanted to blame this person for exposing the truth about me being human and have the very high potential of f'ing up once in the while , I knew I had to be exposed to not only bring me off my high horse but to also to guide my son along a life built on false foundations of self. Much love, thank you for sharing your nuggets!

Wow!! So much respect to you Queen!!! It takes guts being vulnerable to express what you did in your comment. I really enjoyed your transparency <3 <3 <3 <3

Thank you, it is much appreciated. So much of what you were saying was hitting right on.