Recent Actions by the Trump Administration to Protect our Country From Criminal In-migration

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Leftists, socialists, and communists are attempting to gerrymander the population of the United States by opening its southern border to in-migrants who would vote for the welfare and nanny states that the leftist politicians hawk. Lucky for us, our presidency and congress is dominated by not perfect but definitely less-extremist political figures. This post describes the ways that the Trump administration has addressed the in-migration crisis during the past month.


1. The Trump Administration is suing California over its sanctuary laws (3/6/2018)

In early March, the New York Times reported that the Trump administration is suing California over its sanctuary laws that defy US federal immigration law. At the launch of the lawsuit, Jeff Sessions said to California citizens in Sacramento, ”The Department of Justice and the Trump administration are going to fight these unjust, unfair and unconstitutional policies that have been imposed on you.”

2. A caravan of illegal in-migrant hopefuls made its way through Mexico and triggered militarization of the border (3/30/2018)

In late March, Breitbart reported that a caravan of Central Americans from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador were making their way through Mexico and planned to cross into the United States and seek refugee status. The members of the caravan claimed to be fleeing extreme poverty and drug cartel violence. Mexican authorities were not stopping the migrants and had intended to let them illegally pass through Mexico to the USA at the California border. Local and rural governments in Mexico even helped the caravan by providing “transportation, food, and other aid.”

3. The Trump administration allocates funds for National Guard troops at the southern border (4/5/2018)

Just recently, President Trump has sent funds to border states for National Guard troops to be sent to the border in response to the stated intent of the caravan of migrant invaders and in response to the lack of security at the border. As of today (4/8/2018), Texas already has 100 National Guard troops on the border and will send 250 more. Arizona will send 150 troops one week from now. New Mexico supports the deployment of the National Guard but there is no information on how they will deploy. There is no comment from California as of yet.

Along with the current deployment, Defense Secretary Mattis has signed orders for an additional 4,000 National Guard troops to be deployed at the southern border through September and the DOJ, through Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has announced a zero-tolerance policy for prosecuting in-migrants trying to cross into the country illegally. The National Guard troops will receive funding from the Federal Government but will be under the “command and control of their respective governors.”

4. President Trump signs Presidential Memorandum to end “Catch and Release” (4/6/2018)

Also just recently, the US President has taken steps to end the “Catch and Release” policy with regards to illegal in-migrants at the USA-Mexico border. President Trump has signed a “Presidential Memorandum” instructing the department of Homeland Security to provide “a detailed list of all existing facilities, including military facilities, that could be used, modified, or re-purposed to detain aliens for violations of immigration law at or near the borders of the United States.” The goal is to detain illegal in-migrants found at the border instead of releasing them into the country.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) policy in the past allowed illegal immigrants who were caught at the border to be let into the country if they asked for “amnesty”. They were instructed to attend an immigration hearing that was scheduled for them to determine whether they should be granted amnesty or deported. A potential deportee could wait up to a year and half for a hearing under this policy and many immigrants simply didn’t show up for the hearing. The new policy will have illegal in-migrants caught and detained until their “amnesty” hearing and then they will be sent back to their countries of origin after they are (mostly) denied.

According to a Washington Post article from February 2013 (published before its purchase by Bezos), many immigrants must wait a year and a half for their deportation trial. So basically, they are free to wander around the USA for a year and a half before their case is even considered. Contrast this with nearly every other country on Earth where undocumented people are not free to wander in the interior.

Policy Positions from non-partisan Judicial Watch and POTUS Weekly Address


Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch discusses the crisis at the border and asserts that the rules and laws of Obama immigration policies encourage illegal immigration. The unsecure border has led to human trafficking, drugs and national security crises including increased threats from terrorism.


President Trump addresses the USA during his Weekly Address (4/7/2018) and describes the dangers of California’s flouting of federal immigration law. The President has strong words for the lawbreakers in Sacramento and vows to keep Americans safe. “It’s Happening.”


The problem now is more the ones who are already inside the country, the MS-13 and non-whites who have like 6-12 kids each, they will outnumber whites based on births alone and then vote for anti-white platforms in elections. The problem is that doing anything about it goes against anti-racial and religious discrimination laws.

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