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You won't believe all that is being exposed NOW. Luke chapter 8 verse 17 reads "For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open." And that's exactly what we are seeing now. What control will these monstrous actors have when they can no longer practice their wicked deeds in secrecy? If you don't want to hear the GOOD news, don't watch this video.


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God Bless. T R U T H on.

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This is extremely sad, I feel for the parents and the innocent. The truth always comes out. Best wishes @sgtreport.

I won't be satisfied until I saw all those criminals in cages. Meanwhile, it's fun to watch Hitlary and all of her petty Hollywood criminals as they cry: Russia, Russia! :))


I feel your sentiment but I fear it isn't enough. Locking these people up is equivalent to pushing them out of sight, without acknowledging our collective responsibility for this. Punishing those 'evil bastards over there ' isn't enough. Somehow we have all allowed the most broken, demented fragments of humanity to run amok, lording it over us; whilst they should have been gently placed in psych wards getting treatment long before this damage was done. If we can collectively examine, face and own this, we can ensure it never happens again. Then I will be satisfied, Db

It's sad, but the truth needs to get out

soo sad...

Truth will - and is prevailing.

Two people in your video that I definitely don't trust are George Webb and Kim Dot Com. Are you aware that George Webb is supposedly brothers with youtuber Dave Acton? The news broke on @defango's show after @lifttheveil411 kept insisting that they were the same person.

Upvoted and following. Thanks for all you do at SGT Report! Jail the pedos and dismantle the DS!


THANK YOU dakini5d, really appreciate it!

We can only hope that some of the top Luciferians behind all of the corruption are going to be exposed as well. Hellary and the Bushes are essentially the mid-level managers of the Luciferians that I pray are being exposed now, however, the pyramid goes up much higher. There are many powers behind the scenes that are never seen because they have chosen not to be. Once this shadow network is brought into the open, then the real exposure starts and only God knows what this will lay bare in front of the world.

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