The Græy Pill, Part 1: It's Okay To Be Græy

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I am but a lowly farmer.
I harvest from the Banks of the Nile.
The desert is a cruel memestress.
But one day I was given a tendie by The Ogdoad.
They've had my attention since about 2007.
I've been their attendee ever since, apparently.
I still have the book.
Let me share with you a passage from page 353(=11=2)
The bookmark is black one one side with a destroyed barcode and a little blueish green lump.
Kinda looks like a frog silhouette.
The other side is white.
Just says "-10".

Ogdoad, The
A group of eight primal deities personifying the forces of chaos. The Ogdoad (from the Greek okto, eight) was made up of four couples, each pair an embodiment of an aspect of the primal world: Nun and Nanuet (the primeval waters); Amun and Amount (unseen forces); Heh and Hehet (infinity); and Kek and Keket (darkness).
The deities of the Ogdoad were sometimes represented as frogs and serpents, which lived in the primordial slime, or as eight baboons hailing the dawn. The principal cult of the Ogdoad was Khemenu (meaning "Town of Eight", known as Hermopolis to the Greeks, and now called el-Ashmunein). This was said to be where the sun first rose on a mythical "Island of Fire" after hatching from a cosmic egg that had been formed by the Ogdoad.

Tresidder, Jack. “Ogdoad, The.” The Complete Dictionary Of Symbols, Chronicle Books, 2005, pp. 353.

Force of Chaos. 4couples (endearingly chans). We are conduits of Light in the Darkness.
Deities represented as Frogs or Snakes. Good/loved or Dangerous/feared. No step on snek.
Or as 8 baboons hailing dawn. The "Less Evolved", Hailing The White Light.
This is the former capital of Kekistan.
Island of Fire and Fury the likes of which you have never seen.


It's Happening.
Oh my Kek It's finally Happening.
That thing we've...
Waiting for...

Here's a little background about myself.
I started off in the deep end.
Loose Change... sent me down a path...
I taped a burned CD copy of it on the door of the Chapter Room...
Made copies for whoever wanted it.

They laughed.
That was fine.
They weren't my crew.
My crew... it screwed with their heads, too.

But I continued.
The Fraternity is Egyptian, not Greek.
Go to the Lakota Sioux and ask about the Brotherhood.
The Masons are real.
Go super hard into the mystics.
Stumble upon The Darkness.
It's... the Most Dark.
Grinding through was the only way.
Ever forward.
This is infinity, after all.
Backdoor Kabbalah through Hermetics.
Find a situation...

Part 13.jpg

Turns out...
This is all a lesson in Ego.
You need to get over yourself.
Let your eyes open...

Because as of now, this is the most important document you will have ever seen in your life.
To be continued... (This is already a lot.)


Part 2 will be the break down of what you're looking at, according to my over a decade of alienating everyone I know except for the few who see it, too. And if I'm right... now you will.

Part 2: Q, Questions and Quixote

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